Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South Conroe, Texas 77384

After a 6-3 win, your Houston Dutch Lions FC are Champions of Division 1A, and have clinched promotion to the 2nd level (out of 10) called the Championship!

It was finally there, the league game against the United Grenadiers, what started easy ended in a tough game. From the first second the pressure was on the opponent, we had a lot of possession and were creating a lot of scoring chances. After 10 minutes in the game Luis Gutierrez opened the score after a fantastic cross from Matthew Matsudaira, shortly after Luis scored another goal and celebrated this like Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘’Suuuuuuu!!’’

The team was leading 2-0 and still had a lot of possession, but as we all know in HFA, if you’re not well organized they always manage to break through once or twice. And that happened, they scored the 2-1. Close to half time Edwin Medina scored the 3-1. Bryan Morataya scored a beautiful goal, he dribbled in and with a distance shot (30 yards) he managed to surprise the goalkeeper.

It was 4-2 in half time, we discussed the game plan and made some changes in the formation. It was tough to play against the Grenadiers, they were making a lot of fouls so we had to speed up our game. And we did, Junior Morataya scored 2 more goals and the championship ours!

And so the HFA squad become the more than deserved Champions of Division 1A. Next up, some players will rest and some others will continue practice during the summer (in the Super Summer League) to prepare for next year. After playing in the HFA for 6 years, the Houston Dutch Lions FC is very proud that this group of players and Coach Yannick, have been able to bring our team up to the 2nd tier of HFA soccer.