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Home School Soccer

Home school soccer is returning to the Houston Dutch Lions FC this fall 2017 season! After a successful first fall & spring season, the club is excited to continue this program and further improve the skill level of its players.

Practices will take place on Monday and Wednesday morning (sessions start at 9:15am). The Houston Dutch Lions FC, consisting of UEFA Certified, professional Coaches who will work with the boys and girls on improving their skill level. We welcome boys and girls age 5 till 18 to sign up and join our newest program.


Release: June 26th, 2017:
Houston Home school Athletic will partner with Houston Dutch Lions FC for soccer training, facility and equipment usage for the home school soccer program for the school year of 2017-2018. The training will be provided on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:15am-10:45am

Elementary age group – age 5-10
– Houston Dutch Lions FC will administrate the morning training sessions for the Elementary age group.
– HHA will provide volunteer coaches for the Elementary Group games.
– Total of 6-8 games with opponents from local home school groups and possibly CYSL teams.
– The program will cost $275 for each registered player ages 5-10 for each semester season.
– Plus $65 -$75 for the clothing package provided by HDL FC (clothing package will only have to be purchased one time per year).

Program dates:
1. Fall Semester- Sept 6, 2017 – Dec 6, 2017 (no practice during the week of Thanksgiving).
2. Spring Semester- Jan 15, 2017 – May 9, 2017 (no practice Spring Break or week after Easter).

Jr High/High School age group – age 11-18
– Houston Dutch Lions FC will administrate the pre-season and post season.
– HHA will administrate the Regular season and games.
– Morning training with Houston Dutch Lions FC coaches.
– 8 to 10 official games with volunteer coaches.
– Plus $65-$75 for the clothing package provided by HHA.

Program dates:
1. Pre-season $120: Sept 6, 2017 – Oct 11, 2017, paid to Houston Dutch Lions FC (Technical Soccer skills and fitness only, no games).
2. Regular Season $360: – Oct 16, 2017 – Feb 7, 2018 paid to HHA.
3. Post Season $250: Feb 12, 2018 – May 9, 2018 paid to Houston Dutch Lions FC (Technical Soccer skills and fitness only, no games).

Please note: no practice the week of Spring Break and week after Easter.

Home school soccer Players interested in joining the home school soccer program, please register by clicking here.

For any additional questions regarding home school or the Houston Dutch Lions FC in general, please contact Marco Pruis at or 936-271-0726.

  • A minimum of 5 players per group will be needed for the School to start the sessions.
  • All practice held at HDL FC Soccer Facility.

Age groups:
U5 is birth year 2013
U6 is birth year 2012
U7 is birth year 2011
U8 is birth year 2010
U9 is birth year 2009
U10 is birth year 2008

U11 is birth year 2007
U12 is birth year 2006
U13 is birth year 2005
U14 is birth year 2004
U15 is birth year 2003
U16 is birth year 2002
U17 is birth year 2001
U18 is birth year 2000

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