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Back-to-back games for our USL PDL squad this weekend! 

A busy weekend for the players who are participating in preseason for the 2014 PDL squad. With two games this weekend the fans will have a better view on how the USL PDL 2014 squad will look like.

On Friday evening, the Houston Dutch Lions FC will host the newest addition to the NPSL, from San Antonio the Corinthians FC will be traveling to the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility. Kick-off will take place at 7:30pm and for all preseason games the entrance is free to the fans.

PDL player David Perez

On Saturday evening, kick-off at 8:00pm, the Houston Dutch Lions FC will host the Regals SCA in a rematch from the TPSL Championship game, which was played on March 22nd.

After two preseason games your Lions have won both. With 5 goals scored and 1 goal against the stats are in favor of the Houston Dutch Lions FC. After the games against the Universities of St Thomas and Houston-Victoria (both in off season) these two opponents will be preparing for their season. 

Come out and watch these great games of soccer at the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility!

Player of the week on Friday

Houston Dutch Lions FC Player of the Week

Name: Nicholas Overturf
Age: 10 years
School: Wilkerson Intermediate
Team: Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 AC Milan
Position: Center midfielder
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite tv program: Drake and Josh
Favorite soccer team: Mexican National team
Favorite soccer player: Javier Hernandez "Chicharito"
Best Houston Dutch Lions FC Moment: My hattrick against The Mosquitos 

Player of the week on Saturday:

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 EDDOA player

Name: Jacob Bonnette
Age: 12
School: Cryar Intermediate School
Team: Houston Dutch Lions FC U12
Position: Defender (center)
Favorite food: fried chicken
Favorite TV program: NFL Top 10
Favorite soccer team: Houston Dynamo
Favorite soccer player: Brad Davis
Best Houston Dutch Lions FC Moment: This season against SCFC called for a drop ball to the center and scored a goal.

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Game reports week 15 

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8
Player of the game: James French

Youth Academy games 

What a great game, before the game as always we made some agreements what to do with and without the ball. With the ball make the field big and play the ball and without the ball, everybody behind the ball and make the field small. We did a good job whereas, that was also the reason the coach was happy after the game.  The only thing we can do better is in the attack to play the ball on the right moment in the right direction, if we concentrate on that we will make more goals! Good game!!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10
Player of the game: Jaksin Alexander

If we make agreements before the game that everybody is responsible for his/her own opponent and you not following your opponent it's easy to score because they have more players close to the ball. The reason we have so many goals against us, is because we are not following our opponent and not playing duels. Therefore, If we make the field smaller in defense and to open up when we are attacking, that will make a difference during the game. If we are trying to keep our position during the game we can play the ball to a team mate. Because a couple of times we keep our position during the game we played the ball around and scored almost a goal. If everybody drops back behind the ball and play defense we will have the ball back sooner. If we keep working on the points I told you above we will win absolutely some games! See you next week on practice! 


Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 AC Milan
Player of the game: James Haas

The U10 HDL took on Sports Culture on Saturday for another important game in the season. To start the game, the young lions were under pressure from the opponents counter attacks. After a few minutes, Sports culture finally scored to take the early lead. About 5 minutes later it seemed that all hope was lost when sports culture scored again in the first half. After much possession from the lions and solid defending from the back, the lions were able to score a goal right before the end of the half by Nicholas Overturf assisted by Sebastian. Second half; the lions had a great start being awarded a free kick. Nicholas took advantage of the opportunity and slotted it in the bottom corner to tie the game 2-2. Sports Culture made a few key subs and scored again by the end of the game to slip past the Lions. After the game, Coach Dylan was proud of his team by the heart they put into the game even though Sports culture played with a few 11 year olds.

 Youth Academy games in The Woodlands

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11
Player of the game: Daniel Ruiz

The U11 played a decent game this weekend. In the first half we had some good combinations and we tried to play the ball around. The opponent was sometimes dangerous on the counter attack but the defense keep the ball away most of the time. In the first half both teams scored 1 goal. During half time, the coach told to keep on going with how they played in the first half. In the second half, the opponent 3 goals in about 5 minutes. We were not awake at that moment. After that we tried to get back in the game and scored a couple of goals. Also the opponent scored another one. At the end of the game we missed one goal to get a draw. Overall we played in ball possession a decent game but know we have to reward our self to get points!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U14
Player of the game: Mitchell Shannon

After the two great victory´s was it time for the third match of the season. The expectations were high again. Almost everyone expected another big win. The conditions were perfect and the team was almost entirely complete. 

From the beginning, there was a lot of space for us to play our playing style. The opponent was merely defending. They made a kind of wall from players in front of their own goal. It was difficult for us to get through here. We made the wrong choices constantly. Because of inadvertently the opponent scored suddenly twice.

We were totally shocked we didn´t play anymore as a team. The opponent won with 4-2 and hopefully we can forget this match very quick. However, we will have to learn from the mistakes we made. Come on Lions, keep your head up and the good news for us is that we will play 2 times more against them. Time for revenge!

See you all at the practices!

Houston Dutch Lions FC – Goldstars   1-4 (1-2)

Last weekend, the Dutch Lions played a though game against the Goldstars. It was though, because we only had 9 players on the field. The most important things for the game was to stay compact and to focus on the couple of changes you always will have in a game. We played 90 minutes with everything we had. The 9 players on the field showed a great mentality. In the first half, the score was 1-2 for the Goldstars but we scored a great goal. In the second half, we created a couple off changes when the score was 1-2 unfortunately we couldn’t score. In the last 15 minutes of the game the Goldstars scored 2 times. We have 3 games left to stay in the league.

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Try out picture

After the big success of the first try out round, having 86 participants, the Houston Dutch Lions FC will host another try out. The Houston Dutch Lions FC PDL roster consists of 11 players at this moment,and spots are open on each position in the team.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC played two preseason games so far. The University of St Thomas was beaten with 2-1 and the University of Houston-Victoria with 3-0. In the month of April, and early May, there are 6 more preseason games scheduled where players who attend the try out could be invited for.

The try out will be scheduled as followed:

From 3:00pm till 5:30pm: Super 20 try out (players born in 1994/1995/1996/1997)

From 6:00pm till 8:30pm: PDL try out (players born in 1993 or older)

* Super 20 eligible players can still be asked to join the PDL roster

The fees to try out are as followed:

- Super 20 try out fee $35.00

- PDL try out fee $45.00

Please submit your contact information by using the following link:

Super 20 try out (players born in 1994/1995/1996/1997)

PDL try out (players born in 1993 or older)

Houston Dutch Lions FC try outs

For any questions regarding our upcoming try out, feel free to contact our Head Coach Marco Pruis at m.pruis@hdlfc.com or +1-713-498-3888.

On Saturday, May 10th, the Houston Dutch Lions FC will play their first 2014 PDL game against former PDL Champions; Austin Aztex. Kick-off will be at 7:30pm in Austin. On Thursday, May 22nd, the home opener will take place at the brand new, top notch, Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility. At 7:30pm the Houston Dutch Lions FC will host the Mississippi Brilla FC.

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Houston Dutch Lions FC adds 6 to PDL roster 

Magnolia, March 26th: The Houston Dutch Lions FC has announced the adding of 6 players to the 2014 PDL roster. Goalkeeper Emmanuel Frias, defenders Elias Barahona and Lukas Simon (returning from 2013 campaign), midfielder Wessel Verhaar (pending USSF and USL approval), forwards Rimario Gordon and David Otoya will be added to the 2014 PDL roster.

New PDL players signed HDL FC

(From left to right; Lukas Simon, Elias Barahona, David Perez, David Otoya and Emmanuel Frias)

Goalkeeper Emmanuel Frias has 3 seasons of PDL experience playing for the Laredo Heat SC. The native of Mexico grew up in Houston, and is currently an Assistant Coach for the soccer program of Texas A&M International at Laredo.

Right-footed defender Elias Barahona attended the February try out at Dayton Dutch Lions FC, the 25-year-old Honduran born lives in Austin, Texas. Elias played college soccer for Huston-Tillotson University.

Lukas Simon is the 2nd returning player from the 2013 PDL season. The 27-year-old German is an experienced player who brings 3 seasons of PDL experience with him.  In the 2013 PDL season, Simon played 7 games for the Houston Dutch Lions FC, mostly as a central defender or midfielder.

Lukas Simon signs at HDL FC

Midfielder Wessel Verhaar is the younger brother of 2013 PDL player Thomas Verhaar (who recently signed a 2-year pro contract with Sparta Rotterdam). Verhaar, 24-years of age, is a mature midfielder who played for the Dutch team VOC Rotterdam (4th division in The Netherlands) and will bring much needed experience to the midfield of the Houston Dutch Lions FC.

Rimario Gordon is a talented 19-year-old Jamaican native, who grew up in Houston. Currently attending Northeast Community College in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Rimario scored 12 goals and noted 8 assists in his first NJCAA season at NTCC.

David Otoya is a well-known name for Lions fans. The 22-year-old midfielder/forward played for the Houston Dutch Lions FC TPSL squad where he was a starter throughout the season. In all TPSL games, David scored over 10 goals and was one of the favorite players of many fans.

Houston Dutch Lions FC signs David Otoya

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Houston Dutch Lions FC wins 2nd pre-season game  


After last weeks game against the University of St Thomas the Houston Dutch Lions FC were proud to host another Texas University; the University of Houston-Victoria.

With recent signings David Otoya, Emmanuel Frias, Elias Barahona and Lukas Simon, the 2014 PDL squad is getting more familiar faces each week. Together with Cameron Free and David Perez the squad has already signed 6 PDL players for the 2014 season.

Houston Dutch Lions FC against UHV

The Houston Dutch Lions FC and the University of Houston-Victoria kicked off at noon for their 3rd annual preseason game. The previous two editions, in 2012 and 2013, were a win for the UHV. 

Both teams wanted to keep the ball in possession, which resulted in an open first half hour in the game where both teams pressured the defense in an effort to force a mistake. In the 20th minute Gabriel Ngato brought the 1-0 on the scoreboard. After a perfect corner kick from Javier Vazquez, Ngato was able to head the ball in the back of the net.

In the minutes that followed, both teams created some chances but the offensive players didn't force the goalies to showcase their skills.

After halftime the Lions made some substitutions. Returning players Cameron Free and Lukas Simon, who showed to use their skills in the right way, formed the center of the defense.

After 71 minutes of playing time, the home team was still dominating but needed another corner kick to score. Again a perfect corner from Javier Vazquez, this time Lukas Simon was there to score with again a header the 2nd goal for the Lions; 2-0.


UHV against Houston Dutch Lions FC 

The tall UHV striker showed his skills during the game, but luckily for the Lions goalkeeper Frias was there every time in the right moment to keep his clean sheet.

After a phenomenal control with his chest that came from a long pass, David Otoya was going towards the UHV goal, and at that moment he was knocked down in the box with a penalty kick as a result. Midfielder Javier Vazquez made his game complete, after two assists, by scoring the penalty kick making it 3-0 in the 86th minute.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC players kept their style of play throughout the game and with a result the 3-0 win. 

Next weekend the team will have a Friday evening (April 18th) scrimmage against the newest addition to the NPSL: Corinthians FC from San Antonio, kick-off will be at 7:30pm. 

On Saturday, April 19th, TPSL winners Regals SCA will visit the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility to kick-off their scrimmage at 8:00pm.

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PDL pre-season game against the University of Houston-Victoria 

After last weeks win against the University of St Thomas (2-1) the Houston Dutch Lions FC will be hosting another University from Texas. This time the University of Houston-Victoria will play a pre-season game against the Houston Dutch Lions FC for a third time in a row.

Previous editions ended up in a win for the University of Houston-Victoria’s Coach Rigby’s squad, therefore the Houston Dutch Lions FC will be eager to win their second pre-season game, and a first win against this tough opponent.

Houston Dutch Lions FC PDL game

Game details
Kick-off at noon: Houston Dutch Lions FC – University of Houston Victoria

Field address
Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility
14562 Interstate 45 South
Conroe, Texas, 77384

There will be no charge for fans to watch this great game, come out and support your Lions!

Houston Dutch Lions FC player of the week

Player of the week

Name: Kora Duhon

Age: 7 years old

School: Ford Elementary

Team: Houston Dutch Lions FC U8

Position: Striker

Favorite food: Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Favorite tv program: Cake Boss

Favorite soccer team: Houston Dynamo               

Favorite soccer player: Coach Jan

Best Houston Dutch Lions FC Moment: Learning at Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Camp

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PDL team wins in first PDL pre-season scrimmage 

This past weekend, the first pre-season scrimmage was scheduled for the Houston Dutch Lions FC. NAIA national finalist, the University of St Thomas, came to the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility for the kick-off of the 2014 pre-season campaign.

Houston Dutch Lions FC PDL pre-season game

The HDL FC squad started practice on Monday last week. Over 20 players where at the Facility showing what they are capable of. In the 26th minute, a corner kick led to miscommunication in the Houston Dutch Lions FC defense and UST had no trouble unwrapping this gift to score the first goal, 0-1 for the visitors coming from Houston.

Just 3 minutes after the goal it was our TPSL striker Cesar Arellano who scored the equalizer. Javier Vazquez found his TPSL teammate after a good duel on the right side of the field. His shot ended up in the goal behind the strong playing UST goalkeeper Jason Taffet. 

The Houston Dutch Lions FC tried to play and move the ball around from side to side and focused on ball possession. With most of the players being new to each other, the little things in soccer that should go automatically were now the things that held the team back from creating the big changes. 

Both teams showed that they have very skillful players on their squad. With the University of St Thomas being in their Spring season, the team of Head Coach Aaron Champenoy showed their talent. Knowing that the their season starts in the fall, the Lions fans saw that UST has a lot of talent and that it is not without a reason why these young men are ranked 22nd in the Nation.

In the 2nd half, the Houston Dutch Lions FC made some substitutions. With the new players in the field the team kept on playing with the same philosophy. Where UST striker Jorge Contreras was dangerous while playing on the edge of the off-side position, he showed his skills in this game. Team captain Cameron Free was leading the team in the defensive line and saw how his companion in the back, central defender Terence Meeker, conquering the ball in the 66th minute on the half of the pitch.

His dribble past at least 5 UST players and ended up in front of the goalkeeper, his shot led into a goal bringing the lead to the HDL FC: 2-1!

Houston Dutch Lions FC USL PDL

With over 20 minutes to be played UST pressured to seek for the equalizer. The HDL FC got more and more space to play the ball around. The game became very open; teams were eager to score another goal but on several occasions the goalkeepers of both teams showed their strong skills.

And so the first pre-season game ended in a 2-1 victory for the Houston Dutch Lions FC. The PDL Coaching Staff saw several players receive valuable playing time and another week of practice will show them more about the decisions to get ready for the PDL season of 2014.

Next weekend the Houston Dutch Lions FC will host the University of Houston-Victoria at the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility. Kick-off is scheduled at noon and entrance will be free to all Fans.

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Youth Academy game reports week 14 

Houston Dutch Lions FC 4 vs 4 games

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8
Player of the game: James French

Another league game last Saturday, its always difficult when your players are coming in late to the game. Therefore, players missed a lot of information, warm-up and didn’t knew what to do. We made agreements what we will see during the game, what to do with and without the ball. Today we had a good start of the game we played together in ball possession and played defensively in ball possession opponent. The agreements we made were with the ball spread out and without the ball everybody behind the ball. I think the first half we did a very good in that, the result was 2 goals and 0 goals against us. The second half was not that good anymore, because we didn't play defense together and we didn't play the ball anymore. What you see during the games is that where the ball is there are the players, if we can have one of the players at the other side of the field and we can pass the ball to the other side (switch the ball) we can make more goals. If we keep trying to defense with everybody we will have less goals against us! Good game! See you next week!   

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8's

Houston Dutch Lions U10 Ajax
Player of the game: The whole team

The U10 Ajax played their 2nd game of the start of spring season against another tough opponent. To start off the game, the Dutch lions had a key opportunity in the 1st half after a break down the line by Addie and shot to the goalkeeper. The pace kept increasing as the opponent kept on with pressure and a solid midfield. About halfway into the game, the opponent opened the scoring to 1-0. With lion’s goalkeeper Mitchell already making a number of nice saves, they finally snuck one past the goalkeeper and into the net. At the end of the first with one last break from the lions, Patrick stole the ball from their defense and coming 1v1 took the shot and just slipped it wide of the post. Coming into the second 2-0, the lions made a change up top with Bella coming in for Addie. As soon as Bella came on, she had several opportunities. With a through to Patrick late into the 2nd half, he took a shot which was deflected to the path of Bella as she slotted the ball into the bottom corner to make the score 3-1. At the end of the game, the lions had their heads held high because they knew they played 100 percent the entire game with heart and determination as a team.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10's 

Houston Dutch Lions U10 AC MILAN
Player of the game: The whole team

After a great victory from the first game of the season (6-5) the boys were eager to get another win last week. 

Before the game, during the team meeting, we came to the agreement that in the first few minutes of the game we should test the opponent’s goalie. This means that if we could take a shot, that we should shoot on target to see how the goalie is reacting. At the start of the game, we right away took pressure and defend the ball. That resulted a great goal from Sebastian in the 30th second by a great shot in the net. A great start of the game! A few minutes later we scored another goals by a great breakaway and passing to our striker Ty, who finished the ball in the net. After these great 10 minutes, the opponent started to wake up and came back with 2 goals.

In the Second half, we couldn’t give answers to the opponent’s attacking skills and therefore they scored a few more. In the last period of the game, we were back into action and played very well together. This resulted into a few goals and barely made the second win. 

Compliments to the whole team by staying positive and working very hard in every second of the game. See you all at practice!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 – SC Junior
Player of the week: Julian Vega    

Last Saturday our U11 team played against SC Junior. Everybody had trust in a good result after their win in their first league game. In the beginning of the game we where looking for possessing the ball. The opponent had some big players so for us it was important to pass the ball around. Sometimes this was going well and sometimes we keep the ball to long. SC Junior scored the first goal with a nice shot. After the goal we played better and scored 2 times and halftime score was 2-1. In the second half, the coach told to play the ball around and act quicker. The second half we played much better as in the first half but we forgot to reward ourselves by scoring goals. On three counterattacks the opponent scored. At the end of the game we got a penalty kick but it was to late to get a draw or a win.

This was a very though loss for the U11. A Good lesson learned for our team, that you have to pass the ball around and not dribble to long with the ball when your opponent is bigger. This week three practices again so we work on that so we are ready for our next game this Saturday. 


Houston Dutch Lions FC U11's

AHFC – Houston Dutch Lions FC U12
Player of the game: Jacob Bonnette

Before a new game we always looking back to the game from last week and talking about the good things and things we need to do better. We came to the conclusion that we had a bad first half and good second half, the first half we didn't play duels, we didn't play soccer and we were not awake! The second half we played the ball and played duels.

Today the game against the Albion Hurricanes we knew from last we had to start better. I'm glad we start different because we played duels and we played the ball. The whole game we had more ball possession and create more changes then the opponent. We played sometimes-good combination soccer with nice passes and moves from players. If we can keep running in our position and playing from out of our position we can have the possession game we want to. We will create more changes and have fewer goals against us. Lets get ready for another week of good practices and hard working! See you guys!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 tie in the EDDOA

Houston Dutch Lions FC U14's
Player of the Week: Thomas Broeshart

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U14 boys team played a league game against the Little Bullies. After a fantastic start of the team, the score was 0-5 after just 8 minutes of play. Thomas had an amazing start with 4 of the 5 goals within those first 8 minutes.

The boys kept on playing the ball around and were sometimes a little too eager to find the way to the goal. At the moments where the boys kept the ball in possession they were very dangerous. The team showed to have enough skills to play a game on ball possession and wait for the right moment to strike.

Next step in the team's progress will have to be to play even more on ball possession to wait on the right moment to strike.
Great job by the team, they looked very good as a team and hope we can continue this team performance next weekend!

Houston Dutch Lions FC u14's

Houston Dutch Lions FC – Houston Brew 1-0 (0-0)

Last Sunday our HFA team played an important game to stay in the league. If they would loose the game against the Brew’s it was almost for sure that they dropped to a lower division. Everybody knew what they had to do in games like this.

From the first minute the Lions tried to dominate the game and played with great ball possession. Most of the time, when we had the ball, we were looking to fast to pass the long ball and if we made a good combination the last pass wasn’t good enough. In the first halve we created about 4 or 5 good changes but where unlucky with finishing on goal. On the other side, the opponent had 2 good counter attacks but our goalie and defense did a good job and cleared the ball. In the second half it was important to keep playing the ball around and looking for the players on the sides. If we where patience, the goal will come. 20 minutes before to end of the game Thomas Roling scored the important 1-0 for the Lions!

The last 20 minutes of the game was very nerve racking with a lot of chances for the Brew’s.  The Brew’s took a lot of risk and that means for both teams a lot off opportunities. The Lions hold the clean sheet so was a great result this Sunday.

Houston Football Association

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Former PDL captain becomes Pro in Finland 

The Houston Dutch Lions FC PDL captain of the 2013 campaign, Walter Kromholz, signed a 1-year contract with the Finnish team of Kultsu FC. In 2013 Walter led the defense together with his Houston Baptist University teammate Kyle Herbison and started in 10 games. In 900 minutes wearing the Orange jersey Walter scored twice.

First season game for Kultsu FC will be played on April 26th, stay up to date about team results and Walter's progress: http://www.kultsufc.com  

Houston Dutch Lions FC PDL player Walter Kromholz

Q: How did you get in contact with the team in Finland and for how many years did you sign?
A: I got in contact with the team through my agent. He was told the team needed a Centre Back, so he sent a video to the team of me playing and they were very pleased with it and decided that I was a good fit to fill the position. My contract is for one season. 

Q: What is the club’s ambition and what do they expect from you?
A: The clubs ambition is to possibly move up to the first division next season. They expect me to represent the club in a positive way both on and off the pitch and to play to the best of my ability. 

 Houston Dutch Lions FC PDL player

Q: What are your own ambitions?
A: My own ambition is to focus and strive to be the best player and person I can be, with the club I am currently with and whichever club I may be a part of in the future. 

Q: Best thing about Finland so far?
A: The best thing about Finland so far (besides playing soccer) I would have to say is the chocolate. It is a good thing ill be playing lots of soccer to keep the chocolate calories off! Also Finland has lots of beautiful women which is always great too! 

 Walter Kromholz led the PDL 2013 campaign

Q: What would you like to share with the HDL FC fans?
A: I would like to thank the HDL FC fans for all of their support they showed for the club when I was there last season! I had a great time playing with the Lions and the fans made playing there even more enjoyable! I would also like to thank the Lions staff as they were very professional and great people and I wish them and the team much success this year! Go Lions!  

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Game reports week 13 

Good game U8 Manchester United against Conroe SC, unfortunately no win

Last Saturday, the U8 started the spring season league against Conroe SC. Almost everyone was on time, great job. The first half both teams were equal. Both teams played well but our opponent had a bit more luck. A big fault from the arbitration resulted in a penalty kick for the opponent, which they scored. After the goal, we were a little bit confused and overwhelmed. We couldn’t play together and a lot of our players run out of their position. The opponent took benefit from that and scored again. The half break came at the right moment for us.

During half time, we agreed that we should stay at our position. We created some good changes in the first half but we didn´t keep the ball close to ourselves in the dribble. Our focus for the second half was to control the ball and maintain ball possession.

In the Second half, we started out great by directly scoring two goals. Throughout the game our opponent had even more changes and they profited from that. The last part of the game was very exciting. The opponent was slightly better and beat us by 1 goal difference. The final score was 3-4.

Our compliments to our squad and we see you at the practices. 

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8's

HDL FC U10 Ajax vs Sports culture SC

On Saturday, the U10 Ajax took on a tough opponent at Sports culture to kick off the start of the spring league. After practicing the last few weeks, the team felt ready to play and have a good start to the season. After the first 5 minutes, the HDL youth took control with some nice counter attacks. Unfortunately, the U10 couldn’t track back in time and conceded an early goal. With the pace of the game increasing, the lions held on tight all the way till the end of the half. After Halftime, a small change in the formation had occurred with now 2 strikers up top. The opponent had taken off a 2 players because of injury and fatigue so the lions took advantage of that and scored a goal with 5 minutes remaining in the game by Addie Bartlet.

Player of the day: Addie Bartlet

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 boys 

HDL FC U10 AC Milan vs Red Bulls

The U10 Dutch Lions faced the red bulls on Saturday with the start of the new season. The first half was high paced with lots of goals. The red bulls scored first in the first 10 minutes of the half. The Lions answered quickly by a solo goal by Sebastian Rodriquez. With the game going back and forth the half ended at 1-2 red bulls. Coming into the 2nd half, lions scored twice to take the lead for the first time with goals by Sebastian and Nicholas Overturf. In the final minutes of the game with the score 5-5, The lions caught a break with a beautiful combination from the trio in the midfield, Nicholas, Sebastian, and Camden, setting a one vs one opportunity and a great finish by Nicholas to give the lions a lead. In the final seconds of the game the red bulls caught a break down the sideline but couldn’t get pass the strong defense of Griffin miller, Connor Tucker, and Ty carnes with also great goalkeeping by Tyler Skrehot. Coach Dylan was really proud of the effort and heart put into the game from the young and mighty lions. Also a special thanks to the support from the parents on the sideline for keeping the team motivated and determined to win!

Player of the day: Nicholas Overturf

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10's 

HDL FC’s U11 Great comeback and win in first game of the season!

On March 29th, , the U11 started out their season against Sports culture SC.  

Before the game, everybody was eager to play the first game of the season. Interim coach Dennis explained the strategies for the game to control ball possession and to create changes through the outside wingers.

In the beginning of the first half, the U11 boys had a very slow start. Within 5 minutes Sportsculture SC scored two goals and took the lead 2-0. Instead of lacking down, the U11 boys stood up and played much better. Furthermore, in less than 5 minutes afterwards, we tied by 2 great goals. 2-2. Great combination play starting from the back, looking for our wingers who can cross the ball and score! In the last few minutes of the first half we took the lead 3-2! Another great goal was scored right before half time, good job!

In the second half, the U11 boys played very well. Great ball possession with lots of great chances. Through hard working in the defense the boys didn’t concede any goals. In the last period of the game we awarded our hard work by scoring another great goal. 4-2!

The U11 boys started out the season perfectly!  Everybody worked hard and tried to maintain ball possession. Compliments to everybody in the team!

Player of the day: Daniel Ruiz

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11's

Texans - Houston Dutch Lions FC U12

Last Saturday, we played against the Texans who is currently number 1 in the league. After the great game of last week, this week we started out really slow. We didn’t play in our position, no ball possession and couldn’t win any duels. That was the biggest difference from the game of last week. Everything starts with working very hard in your own position. After an own goal and a personal mistake, we woke up and played much better. This resulted also in a goal.

During the break, we’ve mentioned to stay in position, and work very hard in the second half.  This resulted in a very good second half for the Houston Dutch Lions FC. Second half we played much better and created some changes.

Next Game we will have to play like we did this week in the Second half. See you guys at practice.   

Player of the week: Diego Gorjon (GK)

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12's

Great victory U-14 squad in opening match!

After a couple of friendly games and a lot of practices it was finally time for our players to show their skills in the first game of the league.

Whereas our team continues to grow we were fortunate to recognize and introduce new members of our U14 also in this game.

We started out very sharp and gave a lot of pressure on the ball. We created a lot of changes and our team played on a much higher level than the opponent. We scored an early goal at the beginning of the match. Our players know that it was a perfect match for a high score. We scored again and again. At the end of the first half the score was already 5-1 for us. 

During the break it was time to make a couple of substitutions. The new players played also very well and made some very good combinations together.

Our coach Hidde was very proud. The guys did a great job. Right now you see the result of practicing a lot. We played as a team and fought for each other. Well done boys! Also, our fans deserve a big compliment. Thanks for the support. The final score was 11-1.

See you next week.

Player of the day: Collin Spaulding

Houston Dutch Lions FC U14's

Posted by Marco Pruis April 01, 2014 Categories: Game Teams Youth Academy
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