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Youth Academy and HFA game reports 9/27 and 9/28 

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 – Conroe Soccer U10 3-5
Player of the week: Cooper

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 lost 3-5 against Conroe Soccer U10. With good position play the Lions tried to create chances. Conroe showed good field plays. In the first half, Conroe took the lead and the Lions tried to come back into the game. The Lions created a few chances but the goalkeeper from Conroe had some good saves.

In the second half, the Lions were fighting hard but Conroe was getting stronger. A few times, the Lions defended well but unfortunately Conroe scored four times and took a 0-5 lead. A big compliment for our Lions, because they fought hard to get back in the game and got rewarded to score 3 goals with five minutes left of playing time! What a great mentality guys!

Games for Youth Academy teams in The Woodlands/Conroe area

Club Mexico U11 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U11  2-1
Player of the week: Joey Rudnicki

Finally it was Saturday, match day. Second place Houston Dutch Lions FC played against the number one; Club Mexico. To become number one of the league for at least one week, the Houston Dutch Lions FC had to win over Club Mexico.

After the first two games where the Houston Dutch Lions FC completely dominated, the Houston Dutch Lions FC were confident for this match against the number one in the League. In the first half, it did not take long before Club Mexico scored, 1-0. The Lions got several good chances to equalize the game. But, despite the hard work it was Club Mexico who scored again, 2-0.

During the break, coach Christiaan motivated his players; he told them what a great job they did with one man down. The Lions agreed on giving everything they have in the second half.

The second half the Lions began a little unorganized. Therefore Club Mexico got a few little chances, but goalkeeper Joey did great work to keep the opponents from scoring. After those few chances the Lions became better organized and created some good attacks. Julian showed some great runs along the sideline.

The Lions were getting better and better. Ty had great passes as a midfielder. Patrick, Marcos and Addie did great work as defenders, they knew how to stop Club Mexico's attackers and when they weren't able to, there was always our goalkeeper Joey.

After some great attacks of the Lions, Julian made another great run along the sideline. He crossed the ball in front of the goal where Sebastian was able to  touch the ball softly where it went slowly in the goal, 2-1. The Lions finally got hope again.

From that moment on, the Lions were the only attacking team, but couldn't create big chances anymore. The final whistle blew; final score: 2-1.

Despite the defeat, the Lions can be very proud of themselves. They showed good game play and did a great job in the beginning having one man down. The Lions can be confident for their next game.


Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 – Space City U12 2-2 (0-0)
Player of the Week: Logan Peterson

After 2 great victories by the Houston Dutch Lions FC U12’s the boys and girl saw their first tie of the season against Space City U12. In an enjoyable game for the spectators, the Houston Dutch Lions FC struggled the first 5 minutes of the game, but found control of the game midway through the first half.

        Both teams created some small chances in the exciting first half but no goals for both teams. There was a moment where Mathew Silva showed perfect       determination in a duel, made his way towards the goalkeeper and scored. Unfortunately the advantage play was not seen by the referee and gave a free kick only.Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 boys and girls


The second half started with a beautiful goal from Daniel Ruiz. His finish was unstoppable for the goalkeeper and the Lions had their deserving 1-0 lead in the game. After the early goal in the second half the Lions kept on creating chances, but time after time the chances were not promoted into a goal. Therefore, Space City was still alive in this game. Between the 55th and 57th minute the game changed drastically. Two individual mistakes were promoted by Space City into a goal giving them the, surprising, 1-2 lead. With only 3 minutes to be played, the Lions pressured the goal. With his last energy, Daniel Ruiz went up to the goal and his strike found the back of the net making it 2-2. 

A well deserved point for both teams, if the Lions would be a little more determined in front of the goal they would have scored at least two more goals.  


SC FC vs Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/14  7-1
Player of the week: Luis Machado

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14 played their second game of this season, with a 10:00am kick off at Dad’s Club. After the game cancelations last week the U13’s and U14’s were eager to play their second game of the season.

The Lions started the game against SC FC with 100% effort. Despite we had some goals against us in the first half, the Lions worked hard and showed great mentality. Our Lions tried to pass the ball around to control ball possession. 

In the second half, the Lions agreed to do their very best to score a goal.  And they did!  The goal came from a good offensive attack on the left side. Luis dribbled towards the goal and took a shot of 20 yards. Goal! A well-deserved goal came from their hard work and great effort on the field. Even though we lost the game with 7-1, the guys improved with hard work. The Lions deserved a better result despite a few personal mistakes.

Next week the U13/U14's are facing South Belt Select at El Franco Lee Park, with a 12:00pm kickoff. The Lions will give everything for a win!



Houston Express U16 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U16 4-0 (1-0)
(Players of the week: Carter, Tylor, Colby, Ryan, Colin, Patrick, Mitchell, Andre and Zachary!)

Houston Dutch Lions FC U16 Boys team

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U16’s played at Dad’s Club Park against Houston Express U16’s. The Lions had to face a big challenge before the game already by beginning the game with two men down. It’s so hard when people let the team down. You can see the frustration in the eyes of the nine players.

With a defensive plan the Lions went into the field. In the first half the Houston Express had no solution breaking the wall because the Lions worked so hard together. The Lions almost finished the first half with 0-0. Unfortunately seconds before half time Houston Express scores the 1-0. Also in the second half the Lions defended so well together and put all their energy into the game. The mentality of these nine players was incredible. They didn’t give up and put all their frustrations in this game in a positive way. At the end, it was only 4-0 for the Houston Express and that is a big compliment to our 9 Houston Dutch Lions FC U16!

What would the game be like if it was 11 vs. 11 players? That is a question that only can be answered if the team was complete. Today I saw the frustration of nine guys and I totally understand. I saw them fighting with everything they had and that makes me proud of you guys!

Soccer is a team sport! Think about it. Why do you choose to play soccer? It’s because you enjoy the game and want to get the best out of yourself and out of each other! You do it together (Team spirit!). That’s the gateway for success! Never let the team down, you will need each other!


Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA Orange – FC United of Barnstoneworth 4-0 (1-0)
Player of the Week: Robbert Kroeze

A beautiful and well-deserved victory for the Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA Orange, the team showed huge improvements and dominated this 3rd league game with great positioning play. Everywhere on the field, the boys tried to play the passing game and created triangles. The fans saw a dominating HFA Orange squad that couldn’t score until the 40th minute. Robbert Kroeze scored, probably, the goal of his career with a volley from 25 yards that landed exactly in the upper corner, 1-0!

Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA squad wins

In the second half we saw the same dominating style of play, even though the fans had to wait till the 70th minute to see more goals and the field play was nice to watch. Again, it was Robbert Kroeze who scored a beautiful goal, with a half bicycle kick, his shot was, yet again, unstoppable for the goalkeeper (2-0 for the Lions).

In the minutes that followed we saw a perfect cross from Mike Cantu landing exactly in front of Renato Mendoza who saw the easy task of heading the ball into the goal, and scoring his first goal of the season!

With only 5 minutes left in the game, Gerson Hernandez found a way to score his 2nd goal of the season, inside the 18- yard box, his header was yet again unstoppable by the goalkeeper, 4-0.  And so a beautiful victory for the Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA Orange squad, and well deserved by the mentality the players brought into the field, great game!  

Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA – Barnstoneworth United FC
Player of the week: Cameron Free

After the Memorial cup game last week the squad of The Houston Dutch Lions FC played their third game of this season. With a 9am kickoff at Bear Creek Park the Lions were eager to win this game.

The HFA Boys started the game with a good mentality. The squad played the ball around and waited for the opportunity to create chances. We would like to dominate the game. And so we did. Eventually you want to win the game, so we have to score a goal. Our new goal Keeper Michael Ross had a good interception and gave the ball quickly to Cameron. Cameron sends Austin away into the space and he had a great finish.

After halftime we agreed that we had to score more goals to secure the win. The opponent scored by luck the 1-1.  Even though the opponent tied the game, we as a team didn’t panic and controlled the game. Eventually we scored the winning goal with a Penalty Kick. Barnstoneworth United FC made a handball in the 18-yard box. Cameron scored the PK and we ended up in a 2-1 win! The Lions are still undefeated in this competition! Therefore, I would like to give my compliments to our team for the great effort. Next week we are facing Furry Black for the regular league. We already played against them for the Memorial Cup and we are doing our very best to win this game. The game starts at 9:00am. Good job guys!


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Partnership with Dotcomsport.com announced 

Conroe, TX – September 24, 2014 - The Houston Dutch Lions FC are proud to announce a strategic partnership with software company Dotcomsport. Dotcomsport is based in ZeewoldeNetherlands and specializes in products and services for sports-related companies worldwide. 

Dotcomsport.com and Houston Dutch Lions FC partner up

‘’Houston Dutch Lions FC are very proud to announce the partnership with Dotcomsports, and announcing the Player Tracking System for the Houston Dutch Lions FC,’’ HDL FC Technical Director Marco Pruis remarked: ‘’It will add an extra dimension for the development of the players at our club. Not only for players, but also for our coaches it will be a lot easier to communicate and help the players to develop. During a soccer season we have player-coach talks where we discuss the individual player development, the DotComSport database is perfect for us to archive these discussions and read player development throughout the years. We are also very excited about the scouting system we now have. We can maintain a perfect database of local talent and follow these players for many years. The ultimate step would be bringing local talent to the ranks of professional soccer through our USL PDL squad.’’

After years of experience working with soccer-development programs in the Netherlands, Dotcomsport wants to expand and work in multiple countries. This is a great opportunity for Dotcomsport to expand to the U.S. market. “Dotcomsport is proud to be a partner of the Houston Dutch Lions FC. The club has a clear structure and vision, furthermore they know how to educate their players and assist them with their development,” Dotcomsport Commercial Director Johan Henkes declared. “Both parties will also work together in multiple areas and the Houston Dutch Lions FC will act as a reference for Dotcomsport in the U.S. market.”

The player tracking system Dotcomclub has developed and ensures a structured training path, which contributes towards the optimal development of the football player, team and coach. Our application, when used on a tablet or smartphone, is the ideal assistant for every coach, director of coaching, and board member. Through years of experience and working with clients in the soccer market, Dotcomsport is able to support your soccer organization. Furthermore, Dotcomsport guarantees the continuity of their software development and we are no longer susceptible to the loss of important technical framework. The player tracking software system serves as a stable platform for the academy.

Houston Dutch Lions FC and dotcomsport.com partner up

Organizing teams, creating teams, communicating with players and coaches, digital preparation of training, match evaluations and reviews are actions that, with the software Dotcomsport offers, are simple and easy to execute. Every department within the team has their own part of the software, which provides them with information relevant to their job

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Technical Soccer School coming to the Houston Dutch Lions FC 

The Houston Dutch Lions FC is pleased to announce the start of its very first Technical Soccer School. Emphasis in the ‘TSS’ will be on functional technique, meaning situations will be created for players to find solutions in game like situations. Players will work on cutting, turning and passing with both left and right foot.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC Coaching Staff are experienced Dutch Soccer Coaches with UEFA B or UEFA C licensing. The Coaches have many years of experience working on various amateur and professional levels in The Netherlands and the USA.

Houston Dutch Lions FC Technical Soccer School

First session* is scheduled for Friday, October 17th. The Houston Dutch Lions FC ‘TSS’ will run till Friday, December 12th. A perfect fit for players looking to lift their technical level this fall season, for instance to get ready for the upcoming High School soccer season.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC Coaches will work on Fridays from 6:45pm – 8:00pm** with players interested in improving their Technical skills. 

Fees and returns:

- 8 sessions of each 75 minutes for $175,00
- High level Professional Coaching conducted by UEFA Licensed Dutch Soccer Coaches

- The 'TSS' includes a practice jersey and a written analysis of technical abilities and improvements to each player
- Sessions will take place at the state of the art artificial fields of the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility to provide the highest quality of our training sessions

Max of 10 players per group so quality of development of each players is insured. Please contact Marco Pruis for any additional questions at m.pruis@hdlfc.com or 713-498-3888.

Sign up here!

Training days:

Friday, October 17th

Session 1

Friday, October 24th

Session 2

Friday, October 31st

Session 3

Friday, November 7th

Session 4

Friday, November 14th

Session 5

Friday, November 21st

Session 6

Friday, December 5th

Session 7

Friday, December 12th

Session 8

* a minimal of 8 players is required to start the ‘TSS’.

** Private group session of 8 players or more is available upon request, day and time will be decided together.

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Youth Academy and HFA game reports 9/20 and 9/21 

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Orange – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Blue
Player of the week: Sophia Saludares 

The first game of the U8’s was a great success! Both teams in this game were equal to each other.  It was for the first time that they played on a big sized field. They not only had to focus on their soccer skills but also on their positions on the field. The U8's played 4 x 10 minutes where they tried to score a lot of goals. 

In the first 20 minutes both teams scored many goals. In the last 20 minutes both teams were eager to win. Eventually the blue team won with 8-5. Great job on the field guys! #GOLIONS

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Blue – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 White
Player of the week: CJ

Since the 2014/2015 season the Houston Dutch Lions FC is pleased to field 3 U10 teams. Two of these teams, our U10 Blue and U10 White team, played against each other. The boys and girls in these two teams showed improvement over the first few weeks of the season in controlling the ball, passing and cutting. The next step for the boys and girls is to know how to use the width and length of the bigger sized field. Compared to playing with the U8's the field size has increased, also added is offside. With lots of additional rules the kids will learn to take the next step into their development. 

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 – Conroe Soccer U10 3-3
Player of the week: Jacob Paggioli

The first game of the Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 ended with a tie. From the beginning it already was an exiting game. Both teams put a lot of energy in the game. With some good passes the Lions were able to create good chances.

There were many attacks in the game and both teams defended very well. Jackson and Maddox were the goalkeepers today and both had some great saves.

Tylor defended the first half with Maddox and the second half with Jackson. At the midfield we played with Jacob, Jackson and Bas. The striker was Griffin. They all did a great job! The goals were scored by Jacob (2) and Bas (1).

Houston Dutch Lions FC U16 – Texans U16 (0-2) 2-4
Player of the week: Juan Gomez

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U16 lost their second game of the Season against the Texans U16. In the first part of the game the Lions played well. Collin scored the first goal of the game but unfortunately the referee saw a handball and decided not to allow the goal for the Lions. After that moment the Texans got stronger and scored two goals. The Lions tried to fight hard to get back in the game. 

In the second half the Lions were stronger in the duels and showed once again great mentality. Unfortunately the Texans were able to score again. The Lions didn’t give up easily, which resulted in two more goals from the Lions scored by Collin and Martin.

The two goals for the Lions weren’t enough to get back in the game but the guys can be proud on their work effort on the field. As a coach I can only compliment the spirit that the guys showed during the practices and games! We will grow as a team and eventually we will get the results.

Houston Dutch Lions FC – Fury Black (Memorial Cup)
Player of the week:  Alberto Huerta

The HFA played their first game for the Memorial cup with a kick off at 11.00am. The Squad of the Houston Dutch Lions FC played against Fury Black. This team is playing in the same League as the Houston Dutch Lions FC. We had to deal with some injuries this week. Therefore we had to start with one man down but our team was convinced to win this game.

The Lions played offensively in the first half and were looking for the first goal. Although we had one man down, we created more chances. Unfortunately the chances couldn’t be converted into goals. The squad worked very hard for every yard but the score at half time stayed 0-0.

Starting off the second half, the Lions kept organized with a man down. The Lions actually played the ball with pace towards each other. With a good pace in the game the Lions came in some scoring opportunities but had a difficult time finishing their chances. A nice attack over the ground ended up to Jon Mough. He had a nice chip over the goalkeeper but the Referee called offside.  Overall the Lions deserved the win.  But there is a rule in soccer that you have to score a goal in order to win the game.

The Lions tied the game after 90 minutes. Because there had to be a winner, penalty kicks were going to decide which team would advance in the Cup. The penalty kick takers for the Lions were Jon Mough, Ciao lira, Brian Gastaldi and Cameron Free. All of them scored and because the opponent missed two penalty kicks, the Lions pulled out the victory. The Lions deserved the win with hard work and determination even though they played the entire game with one man down. The Lions played well and did a good job. Next week the Houston Dutch Lions FC are playing against Barnestoneworth United FC with a 9.00am Kick off.

Phrase of the week:
Alone you will run faster, 
Together we all run longer.


Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange – Exiles (Memorial Cup)
Player of the Day: Jon Ethridge

An exciting Memorial Cup game for the Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange squad, opponent for today is playing one Division lower but has gathered more points than us thus far.

The first 15 minutes turned out to be crucial for the HDL FC Orange squad. In two occasions a forward from Exiles was send, on the edge of offside, towards goalkeeper Luis. Both times the forwards found the net bringing the Exiles an early lead of 2-0. After these, unnecessary goals, the HDL FC Orange squad started to play soccer and created some good opportunities. In the 40th minute a nice pass towards Gerson Hernandez was promoted into a goal and with his first goal of the season Gerson brought the score back to 2-1.

In the 2nd half the Lions had the better field play and created many changes. Triangles were created and solutions were found, the boys started to play much more as a team. The mature playing Exiles had luck and experience on their side as they kept the Lions from scoring in the 2nd half. Therefore the Exiles advance to the next round of the Memorial Cup, and the Lions can continue to focus on the league.

Compliments to the guys for their attitude on the pitch, unfortunately they could not win this game. With more determination in shooting the Lions can bring home the 3 points next Sunday.

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Youth Academy and HFA game reports 9/13 and 9/14 

Houston Express U11 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U11
Player of the week: Julian Vega

U11 continues to play good soccer!

After last week’s draw, our U11 knew that they had to win this game in order to fight for a place at the top of the league’s table.

In the beginning of the game, the two teams played equally. The Houston Dutch Lions FC began reckless in the game, the players were not in position and the passing was not good. Despite that, both teams did not create many chances.

After a few minutes, the Dutch Lions FC began to control the game. The Lions created a few small chances by Ty, Julian and Sebastian. Finally, after those few chances Julian scored the first goal with a great solo. He passed two men and also passed the goalkeeper easily (0-1).

It looked like after the goal, the Lions gained the confidence they needed. Because after Julian's goal it became a one-way traffic to the Houston Express goal. With some great passing plays, the Lions really knew how to entertain their supporters. But just as last week, the Lions did not reward themselves for their great passing play.

It was a shot by Marcos from a far distance that looked easy for the opponent’s goalkeeper, but rolled over the goal line by a mistake from their goal keeper. Finally the well deserved 0-2 with a little bit of luck. After the second goal, the defenders of the Houston Dutch Lions FC were sometimes too busy attacking. This caused a few sharp counters for Houston Express. Luckily goalkeeper Joey knew what to do with those shots, where he still kept his goal clean. Right before half time Sebastian made a great run. He passed one man in the 18 yard box and wanted to shoot, but got tackled. The referee gave our U11 a well deserved penalty. Sebastian took the penalty; he stayed very calm and scored in the right corner of the goal (0-3). The whistle blew, half time score: 0-3.

After half time started the same as in the beginning of the first half, there was a real chaos on the field. Players did not take their position and possession was given away easy. Houston Express got chance after chance with luckily no goals for them yet. After another attack for Houston Express, Julian defended the opponent’s striker whereas the striker dove to the ground that resulted in a penalty. The opponent took the penalty very well and aimed high in the right corner, therefore no chance for our goalkeeper Joey (1-3). After this goal the opponent continued on creating chances. The Houston Express almost scored their second goal of the game by just missing the target.

It did not take long before the Lions were attacking again. It was Nick with a nice solo along the side- line and passed three men and shot on target, great goal by Nick, 1-4. This goal became a wake-up call for our Lions. From that moment on we were the only team attacking again. It did not take long before Nick also scored his second goal of the game. It was another great solo by dribbling around a few players where his shot was touched by an opponent and went into the goal (1-5).

After the 1-5, the Lions got chance after chance and Julian scored twice with two great solos and he completed his hattrick (1-7). Also Sebastian made his second goal of the game by good combination play. Sebastian got the ball and scored (1-8). Final score: 1-8 win! 
Houston Dutch Lions FC Logo

This great result and the great game play from previous matches makes sure the Lions will be confident for their next game against SC FC. Go Lions!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 – AH FC White U12 5-1 (3-0)
Player of the week: Luke Paggioli 

Saturday September 13th, the Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 played their second game of the league against AH FC White. After the great start from last week, the Lions were motivated to win their second game. 

Line up HDL FC U12's: Logan, Luke, Timothy, Mathew, Christian, Diego, Michelle, William, Daniel, Ethan and Jose

With Logan in the goal, Ethan, Luke and Jose as defenders, Christian midfield and the attackers Timothy, Diego, Mathew the Lions started the first half. From the beginning the Lions were pressuring the opponent and showed some good combinations. The opponents didn’t have a good answer to that. Christian Keller scored two penalty’s (two times a handball) and the AH FC White made an own goal from a corner of the Lions. With this comfortable lead the Lions reached half time.

In the second half, the Lions continued where they ended with in the first half. Daniel, Michelle, William and Christian pressuring the defense of the opponents and brought them into trouble. Luke, Logan and Mathew were good organized in our defense. With two more goals from Daniel and one goal from AH FC White, the Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 won again with a great team performance and a big score.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U16 - Kingwood Alliance FC U16
Player of the Week: Colin Spaulding

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U16’s played their very first match at Lindsay Lions Park against Kingwood Alliance U16’s. Our U16’s had to face a big challenge before the game already starting out the match with one man down. 

In the first 10 minutes, the Lions struggled with getting a grip on the game. The opponents were very dangerous with their fast forwards receiving many through passes from their midfield. After some one vs. one situations with our goalie, Kingwood Alliance FC were able to put the ball in the back of the net after 7 minutes in the game. After this goal the Lions woke up and started to play well together with some good combinations. The Lions were able to play on the half of their opponents, which resulted in a goal from Collin with a long distance shot over the goalkeeper. After 25 minutes the score was 1-1. The Lions were not able to celebrate for long. Another strong attack from the forwards of Alliance FC came from the left side, found their way through our defense and hit target, 2-1 in favor of the opponents. Not much long after their goal, Alliance FC scored again from a corner kick where the Lions were not able to get the ball out of their box. After the 3-1, Collin found some space where he decided to shoot again from long distance. Unfortunately he saw his accurate shot hitting the crossbar. The Lions were pressing forward to look for more opportunities but the counter attack of Alliance FC became fatal. Another breakthrough resulted a one on one situation against our goalkeeper where the forward of Alliance FC didn’t fail to score. Half time score: 4-1.

Coming into the second half, the Lions were determined to give everything they have stepping on the field with a great mentality.  The Lions dominated and pressured forward. The Lions impressed their fans and the coaches from being one man down but showing great character on the field.  The opponents were struggling where our U16’s fought hard for every ball and created some good chances trying to close the gap on the scoreboard. Unfortunately the luck wasn’t on the Lions side today.  Alliance FC took advantage of their substitutions and were able to score again from a corner kick to put the 5-1 on the scoreboard. In the 74th minute another through pass from the midfield situated another one on one against our goalie scoring their 6th goal of the game. However, the Lions didn’t give up that easy. They kept playing strong and showed very good combinations on the midfield. Unfortunately the Lions gave up another goal in the last minute of the game by an unnecessary penalty kick. Final result: 7-1.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U16's

The HDL FC coaches were very proud of the team that showed outstanding mentality on the field. Being one man down is a big mental breakdown for each player, but they did not show that on the field. The Lions were determined and showed tremendous effort where each player gave more than 100%. Although it was the first game of the season, the players found each other very well already. The second half they showed a lot of improvement in comparison with the first half. As the season will continue, this team can improve a lot by playing together as a team, with the same mentality and effort we can look forward for some very good results coming up in the next games.

Houston Dutch Lions FC – Enchanted Rock
Player of the week: Austin Crafts

The Houston Dutch Lions FC played their second game on Sunday September 14th. The Lions had a 9.00am kick off against Enchanted Rock. The weather was for both teams an advantage. The little bit of rain made the field better to play on.   

The Houston Dutch Lions FC wanted to continue the winning mood. The team all agreed that they wanted to win the game with playing good soccer. The Lions started the game offensive and therefore were looking for the first goal. The opponent was waiting for the Lions to make mistakes. Even though our defense had everything under control, we still had to do some hard work. There was a lot of movement in our offense. Therefore, the opponent didn’t know what to do with it and we scored the first goal within the first 30 minutes.  Austin was send away and placed the ball next to the goalie in the back of the net. The Lions gained more and more confidence and it was waiting on scoring their second goal. The defense of Enchanted Rock had a difficult day. Austin made a great run, found his teamates Caio and Jon easily with good combination play. He came 1 vs. 1 in front of the goalkeeper and scored with a great chip the 2-0.

The second half in comparison to the first half was an entire different level. The lions tried to keep the ball in the team. But every time when Enchanted Rock had the ball, they had some great offensive opportunities. The game was open and there was more space for the opponents to attack. Despite there was more space the Lions also created some good chances. But you have to score the goals if you want to make a difference. The Lions were not able to score where Enchanted Rock scored two goals both from a corner kick. Although the Lions were the better team, the game ended in 2-2. We deserved to win, but Enchanted Rock found a way to get back in the game.   

Let this be a lesson for the Houston Dutch Lions FC. You do not always win if you are the better team. Play soccer with your head. Be smart and stick with our game, not theirs. 

This upcoming Sunday the Houston Dutch Lions FC are playing for the HFA Memorial Cup.  The Lions willl face Fury Black At Bear Creek Park. Kick off time at 11.00am. The League games continue on Sunday 28th against Barnstoneworth United FC with a 9.00am kick off at Bear Creek Park. 

Phrase of the week: “If you are able to dominate a game, you’re doing well! If you are able to win a game you will become champions.” GO LIONS!

Saengerbund Kickers - Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange 0-0 (0-0)
Player of the week: Luis Lopez

Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange played 0-0 against the Saengerbund Kickers. In the first half, the Orange team had the better field play but had difficulties to create changes. The biggest chance was a present from the goalkeeper of the Kickers. The goalkeeper was hesitating too long and Gerson Hernandez stole the ball from the goalie, but unfortunately he missed for open goal. Gerson showed a good mentally and kept on working. That’s the great thing about this team. Everybody is positive and wants to work hard to get better every game in order to improve as a player. That is the spirit you need as a team!

In the second half, the Orange team started out good, however, after 20 minutes the Kickers where getting stronger. They created a few big chances but every time our goalkeeper Luis Lopez was in their way with some great saves! Just before the final whistle, the Kickers were looking to score, but the referee already whistled for a foul. And so the Lions conquer their first point of the season.

This Sunday at 1:00pm the Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA Orange plays against Exiles for the HFA Memorial Cup at Bear Creek park. The Lions are determined for the first win of the season!

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Youth Academy and HFA game reports 9/6 and 9/7 

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 -  Liverpool U11
Player of the week: Marcos Sanchez

U11 Dominated and deserved more!

Due to the rain before the game, the temperatures wasn’t too hot and therefore perfect weather conditions for Coach Christiaan Wind to make his debut as the head coach of the U11’s. After a short explanation about our vision, game tactics and the formation, the Houston Dutch Lions FC were ready to start their game against Liverpool.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC had a great start of the game. Our Lions had the most ball possession, created a few great chances and the passing among the team mates was very good.. Despite all the good things, the opponent’s first chance of the game was converted into a goal, 0-1. The opponent came one vs. one with Joey, our goalkeeper, and scored. Despite the setback, the Houston Dutch Lions FC kept going on creating chances, keeping ball possession and kept going on with their great passing game.

After another few chances, our Houston Dutch Lions FC got a free-kick. It was a dangerous free-kick from Drake that passed the wrong side of the post. Not long after this free-kick, the Houston Dutch Lions FC got another free-kick. It was Sebastian that took the free-kick and this time his shot went barely over the goal.

Not long after that, Nick took a great solo by passing three men and also the goalkeeper. With Nick's goal, right before half-time, we tied the game (1-1). 

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12's

During the break, the coaches told the U11’s that if they kept playing like this they would definitely win the game and score at least 3 goals in the second half.  Again, after a short explanation about how off-side works, the Dutch Lions FC were ready to start the second half.

Defender Marcos took lead in this game by playing very solid by controlling our defense. The Houston Dutch Lions FC began well in the second half. They kept ball possession again, but did not create chances yet. After 4 minutes in the second half, the game was temporarily stopped because of a thunderstorm.

Due to the thunderstorm, every player gathered together to take shelter. After 10 minutes, assistant coach Maarten van der Wal asked information to the management of the park. They told Maarten that the game got suspended. Final score: 1-1.

Despite the result, there is a lot of confidence for the next game this Saturday against Houston Express.

See you all at practice this week.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 – TUFC Leones U12
Player of the Week: Christian Keller

The first game of the 2014 fall season resulted in a victory for the Houston Dutch Lions FC U12’s. With a 10:00am kick off at Katy Park, all players and parents were up early. After an open first half, both teams created small chances but couldn’t find the net, yet… After a long kick from the TUFC goalkeeper, the ball bounced further and came right in front of a TUFC forward. His shot ended up in the goal and brought the 0-1 on the scoreboard. Houston Dutch Lions FC U12

In the second half the Houston Dutch Lions FC were eager to win this game. Due to another miscommunication from the Lions, the TUFC scored their second goal. The Lions kept on creating chances with good field play. Our fans, wearing their orange jersey had to wait till the 39th minute before they could cheer. A beautiful individual move by Christian created his own chance and knew how to finish it. Just 4 minutes later Christian found a way to score again, bringing the score to 2-2! And that was not were it stopped for Christian… Another great individual move in the 47th minute made his hattrick complete, scoring 3 goals in 8 minutes!!!

In the 51tst minute, by a good combination between Christian and Diego Gorjon through the center of the field, Diego finished the goal as he brought the score  2-4 for the Lions!

And just 2 minute after the 2-4 the Lions scored another goal bringing the score to 2-5. This time Luke Paggioli made a beautiful run as a right back, his cross found Ethan Wessner at the second post who scored the Lions their 5th goal!

Next week the Houston Dutch Lions FC U12’s face AH FC at Meyer Park, game kicks off at 2:30pm.


Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14 -  South Belt Select          
Player of the week: Luis Machado

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14 team had his home opener on Sunday September 7th. The squad played at El Franco Lee Park against South Belt Select. 

Even though the game stared 5 minutes later, the Lions were focused and ready for the game. The Lions started with ten players on the field instead of eleven. That difference was clearly visible in the 1st half. The defense tried to play ball possession starting from the back. It was hard to keep the ball in the team but sometimes the lions came trough and created chances. South Belt Select played most of the time at our half of the field. That resulted in 4 goals down in the first half.

Playing with one man down, the Lions agreed to play as a team in the second half. All players were eager for the second half.  The lions played better soccer and actually played the ball around the field. Also everyone tried to defend when we didn’t have the ball.

The lions wanted to score at least one goal, and so we did. A free kick was given for our lions at 22 yards to the goal. Luis was determined to take the responsibility of the free-kick and with great confidence. He kicked the ball in the goal in the left corner. Great free kick from Louis Machado! 

The Lions ended up playing the rest of the game without Juan due to an ankle injury. South Belt Select scored 3 more goals and the final score was 1-7.

Again, it was hard to play with 1 or 2 men down, but we did a very good job! We all worked hard on the field and all of you made the coach proud! Next week we are playing against Eclipse White at Lindsay Lions Park at 8:00am. If we play with the same team spirit we can get a good result! Thanks for the support last Saturday and see you next week! GO LIONS! 

Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange - United Wednesdays 0-4 (0-2)
Player of the week: Ryan Dobbs

With an average age of 20 years we can conclude that the Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange has a young squad. The technical staff consists of Head Coach Maarten van der Wal and Coach Michiel van de Heijning.

The main goal this year is: to improve our players to a higher level of technical, tactical, physical and mental game of soccer. With the right team spirit week in week out we will get there step by step and the results will come.

Last Sunday, the Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange had the home opener vs. United Wednesdays. After 90 minutes HDL FC Orange lost with 0-4 of United Wednesdays. The HDL FC Orange lost against a team with more physical power who waited for our mistakes.

In the entire match it was the Orange team that had most ball possession and tried to create changes with attacking soccer. The Lions had a hard time finding the right solutions to create changes, but kept on trying. In the first half, Ryan Dobbs gave a beautiful pass between the defenders to put Gerson Hernandez in front of the goalkeeper. In the second half, Gerson sends Joel Bonilla away 1 on1 against the goal keeper. Unfortunately the chances didn’t convert in goals. The opponent waited for the mistakes and came out very quick. Luis saved a couple of times, however the opponent was able to score 4 times.

In the end you can say that the Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange gave a 100% and the spirit you guy’s show is great! For the younger guys it’s a big difference to play against adults. But our guys will get stronger by the week when you play against them. Let’s keep on working and there will be improvement for sure! HFA logo

Houston Dutch Lions FC -  Foreign Legion FC 3-0
Player of the week: Kevin Solorzano

The Houston Dutch Lions FC won their home opener against Foreign Legion.

The first squad of the Houston Dutch Lions FC played their first game on Sunday September 8th. With a 9:00am kick off at Bear Creek Park all players were eager to start the season.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC started out nervous in the first 10 minutes. The lions tried to create chances, but it was hard to reach our strikers.  The lions had almost 90% ball possession in the first half. When Foreign Legion FC took over the ball they were very dangerous with their counter attacks. Our defense worked hard to take over the ball from the attackers of Foreign Legion FC. Our goalie had some great saves to keep the goal clean in the first half. The halftime score was 0-0.

It was obvious that the squad of the Houston Dutch Lions FC was the better team. But the opponent created more chances. And that was one thing what needed to improve.

In the second half, the Lions started out again with great ball possession and attacking play. The Lions had to make sure that they could find the opportunities in the back of the opponent. In the 52th minute of the game, Cameron reached Jose Hernandez with a nice long ball over the defense. Jose Hernandez didn’t hesitate and after his control he scored the ball in the left corner of the goal. This goal gave the team confidence and created a lot more chances.  But you cannot win the game with only creating chances. The Lions had some problems with finishing. However in the 72th minute, it was Hector that scored the 2-0.

A great attack for the Lions followed. The ball came from the defense from Cameron to the midfield. Jesus received the ball and passed the ball to the side were Kevin was waiting for the ball. Kevin had a one vs. one situation and won. He was able to give a cross ball in front of the goal. Hector was standing on the right spot and shot the ball in the left corner of the goal. The game was not over yet, because the opponent was dangerous at times with their striker. Sometimes he created some good opportunities, however our goalie Dennis was always the winner. Foreign Legion was getting tired in the last minutes of the game. The Houston Dutch Lions FC were looking for the third goal and in the 88th minute Kevin took a shot on goal that resulted in 3-0, final score.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC played well and finished the game with a good result. The Lions are happy with this result and hope they can make more good results in the future.  Our next game is also at Bear Creek Park with a 9:00am kick off against Enchanted Rock.


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Rosters Youth Academy and schedule this weekend 

With the Youth Academy teams playing in the EDDOA starting this Saturday, we would like to inform our members the rosters as well as Coaches information. If you cannot make it out to a practice or game, please contact your Coach. 

Our Development teams start this weekend with 4 vs 4 games at our Facility. The U5/U6 start at 9:00am and we kindly ask players to be present 20 minutes before kick off. Our U7 through U10 players also play 4 vs 4 at our Facility. These games start at 10:00am where we also ask players to be present 20 minutes before kick off.Houston Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11
1. Nicholas
2. Addie
3. Andrew
4. William
5. Joseph
6. Maximilian (Julian)
7. Sebastian
8. Drake
9. Marcos
10. Ty

Coach: Christiaan Wind c.wind@hdlfc.com or 713-498-3888

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12
1. Michelle
2. Jose
3. Diego
4. Dayton
5. Christian
6. Luke
7. Logan
8. Mathew
9. Timothy
10. Ethan

Coach: Marco Pruis m.pruis@hdlfc.com or 713-498-3888

Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14
1. Alvaro
2. Jacob
3. Mark
4. John
5. Jonathan
6. Juan
7. Christopher K.
8. Thomas
9. Logan
10. Alexander
11. Luiscarlo
12. Garrett
13. Christopher V.
14. Grant

Coach: Michiel van de Heijning m.vandeheijning@hdlfc.com or 713-498-4407

Houston Dutch Lions FC U15/U16
1. Andre
2. Zachary
3. Martin
4. Mitchell
5. Tyler
6. Colin
7. Leonardo
8. Colby
9. Ryan
10. Patrick
11. Danny
12. Carter
13. Juan

Coach: Maarten van der Wal m.vanderwal@hdlfc.com or 713-992-0745

Select teams game schedule for this weekend
9/6, Lindsay Lions Park #18B: Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 - Liverpool at 4:00pm (please be present at 3:15pm)
9/6, Katy Park #21: Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 - TUFC Leones at 10:00am (please be present at 9:15am)
9/6, El Franco Lee Park #6: Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14 - South Belt Select at 12:00pm (please be present at 11:00am)
9/7, Lindsay Lions Park #20: Houston Dutch Lions FC U15/U16 - KW Alliance at 2:00pm (please be present at 1:00pm)

If there are any further questions, please contact our Youth Academy Manager Michiel van de Heijning at m.vandeheijning@hdlfc.com or 713-498-4407.

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Youth Academy practices started 

After a successful summer the Houston Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy is back on the artificial turf fields of the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility! Signing up your child is still possible; please contact any of our Coaches for additional information regarding the upcoming youth season. 

Leo the Lion, Houston Dutch Lions FC

The Houston Dutch Lions FC Coaching Staff is more than excited for the new Youth Season 2014, where this season will be the start of collaboration with the Conroe Youth Soccer League(CYSL). This collaboration is a good step forward for the Houston Dutch Lions FC. This year we will able to play in competitive leagues. Besides playing in more competitive leagues, our main objective will still be to develop players and encourage them to reach their full potential!

On Saturday, August 30th the Houston Dutch Lions FC will host another Open House. From 9:00am - 10:00am we invite all Development players to bring a friend and come out to the fields! The Open House for our Select players will be from 10:15am - 11:15am.

Practice schedule for our Youth Academy and HFA teams is as followes:

Development teams (U5-U10 boys and girls): Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Select teams (U11, U12, U13/U14 and U15/U16 boys and girls): MondayTuesdayThursday from 6:45pm – 8:00pm
HFA teams: 
Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm – 9:15pm

Development parents/players, please email our Youth Academy Manager Michiel van de Heijning at m.vandeheijning@hdlfc.com or give Michiel a call if you cannot make it to practice at 713-498-4407. 

We ask our Select parents/players to contact their Coach directly regarding practices and/or games, the coaches are assigned with the following Select teams:

Christiaan Wind: For now Marco Pruis

Marco Pruis: m.pruis@hdlfc.com or 713-498-3888

HDL FC U13/U14:
Michiel van de Heijning: m.vandeheijning@hdlfc.com or 713-498-4407

HDL FC U15/U16:
Maarten van der Wal: m.vanderwal@hdlfc.com or 713-992-0745

Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA team

HFA team:
Michiel van de Heijning: m.vandeheijning@hdlfc.com or 713-498-4407 

HFA team Orange:
Maarten van der Wal: m.vanderwal@hdlfc.com or 713-992-0745

Please let us know if there are any further questions or concerns, look forward seeing you all at the fields!

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Registration still open for final summer camp 

This Monday at 9:00am the August Soccer Camp starts! At the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility the coaches will work on a variety of technical soccer skills. Every camp day starts at 9:00am and will be done at noon. The camp runs from Monday through Thursday where registration is still open for boys and girls ages 4-18!

Our new addition to the Houston Dutch Lions FC Coaching Staff is Maarten van der Wal. His task is to focus on the quality of the Houston Dutch Lions FC Camps & Clinics. Maarten gained tremendous experience from working for Dutch powerhouse Ajax Amsterdam in their Soccer Camps! 

Maarten van der Wal, Youth Coach at Houston Dutch Lions FC

Camps and Clinics that we organize will find place on the fields of the Houston Dutch Lions FC. The fields consist of the latest technology in artificial turf. Our soccer camps are based on the Dutch Philosophy, which is world famous for the great players that got developed. Players like Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben, Robin van Persie are just some examples of the current world class players that came through the Dutch Soccer Academies. We focus on the development of the following skills*: 

                       - First Touch / Receiving August Soccer Camp in The Woodlands, Texas

                       - Passing

                       - Moves

                       - Dribbling

                       - Shooting

                       - Finishing

All the coaches in the Youth Academy and on the Camps & Clinics are qualified ‘UEFA B/C' licensed coaches. 

The first Soccer Camp is this Monday (August, 11th, 2014 to August 14th, 2014 from 09:00am – 12:00pm).

Sign up for next week’s camp here:


For any further questions feel free to contact Maarten at 713-992-0745 or email: m.vanderwal@hdlfc.com

     *Specific goalkeeper training available upon request

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Practice schedule Youth Academy and HFA teams 

The Houston Dutch Lions FC is pleased to announce the practice schedule for the Youth Academy (U5 through U19) and Adult teams (HFA) for the upcoming Fall Season.

The Development teams (U5 – U10; boys and girls) practices on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm-6:30pm. The Select teams (U11-U19; boys and girls) will practice three times per week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:45pm-8:00pm. Combined with the Conroe Youth Soccer League (CYSL), the Houston Dutch Lions FC accepts registrations till August 30th. 

Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Program in The Woodlands

The Houston Dutch Lions FC would like to invite all members and future members to join the Open House on Saturday, August 16th. Development players, boys and girls between the ages of U5-U10, are invited to come out and train from 9:00am – 10:00am! We invite the select players, boys and girls between the ages of U11-U19, to train from 10:15am – 11:15am

All practices for the Houston Dutch Lions FC will take place at: 

Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility
14562 Interstate 45 South
Conroe, Texas, 77384

Our HFA teams practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00pm-9:15pm. Playing in Division 1B and Division 2A, the Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA teams will be determined to have a successful season reaching a top 2 position as this grants teams promotion to a higher division. Try outs for the Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA teams are on Tuesday, August 12th and Thursday, August 14th (from 7:00pm – 8:15pm). 

Development U5-U10:Houston Dutch Lions FC soccer program in The Woodlands
Tuesday from 5:30pm-6:30pm
Thursday from 5:30pm-6:30pm 

Select U11-U19:
Monday from 6:45pm-8:00pm
Tuesday from 6:45pm-8:00pm
Thursday from 6:45pm-8:00pm 

HFA Men:
Tuesday from 8:00-9:15pm
Thursday from 8:00-9:15pm 

For any additional questions, feel free to contact any of our Coaches:

Marco Pruis – Technical Director
M.pruis@hdlfc.com or 713-498-3888

Michiel van de Heijning – Youth Academy Manager
M.vandeheijning@hdlfc.com or 713-498-4407

Maarten van der Wal – Manager Camps & Clinics
M.vanderwal@hdlfc.com or 713-992-0745

The Houston Dutch Lions FC is having a soccer camp from Monday, August 11th till Thursday, August 14th daily from 9:00am – 12:00pm. Register here, or contact Maarten van der Wal at 713-992-0745.

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