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Q&A with Former Houston Dutch Lions FC Goalkeeper Chris Sheridan

Former Houston Dutch Lions FC goalkeeper Christopher Sheridan (Super 20’s in 2012 and PDL in 2013) has signed a professional contract with Platense in Honduras. At Platense Chris played a game in front of 15000 fans! We asked him what his first impressions were:

Chris SheridanQ: How did the club get in contact with you?

A: Coach Dan (Team Manager PDL reserve team in 2013) sent a video of me playing to his friend who has contacts in the league, and he sent it to the team in Honduras and they were interested in signing me after that

Q: What happened in the weeks/months after the first interest?

A: It was too late for me to go to the team, because the transfer window was closed, so I just had to wait until the new transfer window in December so that i could sign my contract

Q: How long is your contract?

A: I signed for one season, which here is 6 months. I think they were concerned about my ability to adjust to a new culture. I have been doing very well here, however, and there has been talk about resigning my contract for more time, and I have had interest for a few other teams. But right now, the focus is just on Platense and doing as well as I can for them.

Q: Last weekend’s game in front of 15000 fans, how was that?

A: definitely something I wasn’t used to! I was very nervous at first! but once you step out onto the field and see everybody watching you, you just get excited to play, excited for the opportunity.

Q: And how does the schedule look like in the next few months, any play off spots where Platense is fighting for?

A: well in the Honduran league there are 6 playoff spots, my team is currently tied for the sixth spot, but we are behind on goal differential

Some exciting weeks ahead of you, good luck there and we will keep the Lions Fans up to date with your progress!