Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South, Conroe, Texas 77384


HDLFC U8-Kingwood U8

Player of the day : Griffin Miller

This past Saturday a combined squad made up of several of our U8 teams played a friendly game against Kingwood U8.  The conditions were not perfect as it was very cold and raining through the whole match, but both team were ready to play.  The Lions U8 had a few chances in the first half but were unable to take the lead.  The Lions did an excellent job of putting a lot of pressure on the opponent so they did not have a lot of space to build up, however the opponent was a little bit better and they were able to score several goals.  One of Kingwood’s goals was made by Gio who is also playing in our academy and was a beautiful shot.  The Lions also scored a nice goal as well in the first.  The halftime break was very short because of the cold weather and all the players wanted to keep moving.  The second half did not go quite as well as the first half for the boys in orange.  They didn’t give as much pressure and our boys gave the opponent too much space.  The Lions didn’t build and look for combinations like they did in the first and the opponent knew how to deal with it.  Regardless of the outcome everyone can be proud of the Lions and how they played.  It is always hard to play in that type of cold, rainy weather but now the boys know how that’s feels! Thank to everyone for the support for this match and for the entire Fall 2013 season.



HDLFC U10 vs Texas Rush U10

On a cold and rainy Saturday, the first official friendly Youth Academy game at the new complex was hosted by a squad made up of several of our U10 teams.  Playing soccer is playing the ball and if you play on a larger half field you have more space to play.  There were several moments where the fans and coaches saw beautiful soccer.  The team was controlling the ball, passing the ball and passing the ball to the other side to create scoring opportunities.  Teams can only play this style of soccer when players keep their position on the pitch.  When players not keeping their position and are walking with the ball it makes it difficult to play soccer.  If the boys play on a half field they have lots of space and players can keep their position while moving without the ball.  This allows the team to keep the field big when they have the ball and pass the ball around.  This ball movement combined with passing the ball to the other side of the field makes soccer easier!  Another positive seen throughout the match was seeing everyone playing team defense and creating numerous chances!  This solid defense allowed the Lions to dominate the time of possession and dominate on the scoreboard.  Although it was friendly it was still a great win and something to build on going into the Spring season.  The coaches all feel this was a good showing from everybody against one of the local soccer programs!

From everyone at the Houston Dutch Lions FC, coaches and staff, enjoy the week off and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!  See everyone next week!