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With only 6 games left this was one of our most important games of the season, also because the first game ended in a 4-1 win for FC Midtown. The HFA squad knew the opponent of today is a strong opponent. They have the current top scorer of the league in their team, and they were only 5 points behind with 1 less game played.

Dutch Lions FC HFA with Staff

After the Houston Dutch Lions FC won a tough game against the Exiles FC (just before the winter break), the confidence and atmosphere in the group was good. In the first 25 minutes of the game, we showed our class in pressing on the half of FC Midtown and they were struggling with this. Unfortunately we didn’t get to reward ourselves with a goal. In the first minute of the second half the ball went deep towards our number 9, Junior Morataya, he out ran his opponent and with a solid finish he scored the 1-0. After the 1-0 we still had a lot of ball possession and created more chances which resulted in the second goal. The 2-0 was probably the best goal of the season. There was a free kick on our own half for FC Midtown, but after good compact positioning Yinka won the header and Nicolas intercepted it with a pass to Junior, who passed it back to Nicolas and he passed the ball to Luis who kicked it deep to Edwin, who could go for a 1v1 with the goalkeeper and score the 2-0!

In the Netherlands we would say: ‘’This was a goal from the books’’! The game went on and we were having a lot of ball possession which resulted in the final goal from Yinka, after a shot from Edwin that was intercepted by the goalkeeper, Yinka followed the shot and scored the 3-0. Which was the final score.

HFA Head Coach Yannick van der Putten: ”I’m an extremely proud coach, not just because we won but because of the amount of effort we put in practices and games. Now you see, if you work hard, good things will happen. Next week we play against the Raging Hamlets on Bayland Park Field 2, they are currently the number 2 in our Division. But if we keep playing like this, nobody in the league can stop us”.

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