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The 2017/2018 season is going well for the HFA squad, the team is competing for the top spots (top 2 eventually promote to the Championship) and scoring a lot of goals (30 in 7 games so far). Today we spoke with Head Coach Yannick van der Putten:

How is the 2017/2018 season of the HFA going so far?
We’re on schedule, we are first in the league, communicating with the staff and teammates, I think we are having a lot of fun and things are going well. Every week I see improvement in the way we play, behave and play.

Dutch Lions FC HFA with Staff

What are your objectives for the weekly practices?
Because we play on Sunday we have a recovery & tactical training on Monday’s, Thursday we train technical & tactical, and In January we will add an extra training on Wednesday’s which will be a strength & conditioning training. Every month we also have game analysis and hopefully more friendly games.

If players are interested in joining the team, what can they do?
First they need to send me an e-mail: vanderputten@hdlfc.com, with their soccer history, and explanation of their intentions why they want to join the team, cause we have certain criteria. And if everything goes well, I will invite you for the try out week in January.

Ultimate goal of the HFA team?
The ultimate goal is to develop players to (one day) join the Dutch Lions FC NPSL team. And if they cannot join the Dutch Lions FC NPSL squad, create a solid and committed team in the HFA league.

Which players are standing out so far?
There is not one player standing out, it is the complete team. Every single player has their own development points, and you cannot develop without a teammate or a coach. We are in this together!

Standings of the HFA 2017-2018 season after 7 games:
Standings HFA 2017-2018