Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South, Conroe, Texas 77384

The last TPSL home game for the Houston Dutch Lions FC ended in a 4-4 draw. This was the second time that the Houston Dutch Lions FC hosted the Houston Hurricanes this season. The first time was when both teams played in the Texas Cup Final, as a result a win for the Houston Dutch Lions FC.

In this game both teams have a lot more games played and gained more experience throughout the season that started back in October, 2013. The Houston Dutch Lions FC are pleased to be ranked 1st after 8 games. The Hurricanes however are struggling this season and are currently in the 5th place. Being ranked 5th place will not giving them a spot into the play offs. Therefore the goal for the Hurricanes this match was obvious; they needed a win to stay in the race for a play off spot.


After 10 minutes of dominating soccer from the HDL FC, the first goal of the game was a fact. Cesar Arellano finished very determined and brought the HDL FC to a deserved lead in the game. Unfortunately the lead didn’t last long. Just 5 minutes later the score was equal again. The reason behind the equalizer is because of miscommunication in the defensive line form the HDL FC that resulted in an easy goal for the Hurricanes.

Before half time the HDL FC took a convincing lead. A goal from David Otoya and a penalty kick from Jose Hernandez brought a 3-1 lead into half time. The Lions were looking to play an easy game and it looked like it was a matter of time for more goals from the Lions.

The second half started well in the favor of the Houston Hurricanes. In just 15 minuten into the second half the Hurricanes scored 3 goals. At moments when the team needed to clear the ball from danger, the players tried to keep the ball too long in possession, giving the Hurricanes hope into this game, which was unnecessary.

With a score of 3-4 for the Hurricanes, the Lions made some substitutions and created more pressure on the Hurricanes their back line.  In the last 25 minuten of the game the Lions pressured, created changes and the Hurricanes were dangerous through counter attacks using the space given by the Lions. Israel Becerra showed great saves keeping his team in the game. Eventually it was Jesse Suarez-Castro finishing the more than deserved equalizer for the Lions.


After 90 minutes of soccer final result was 4-4.  With this result the Lions are confirmed to be the number one in the league giving them the home advantage for the semi finals in the play offs. The Lions will host the number 4 in the league, in this race the Regals SCA, BCS Bearkatz and Hurricanes are still fighting for the 4th spot.

Next week the last league game will be played in College-Station, at 3:00pm the BCS Bearkatz FC and Houston Dutch Lions FC kick off for their final game before the start of the play offs.