Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South, Conroe, Texas 77384

1- What role did the Houston Dutch Lions FC play in your journey to collegiate soccer?
This club has allowed me to further develop my skills and allowed me to play against older and more experienced players from a younger age. Not only has this played a huge roll to me getting to college soccer, but also will continue to be an advantage for me as I go further along into my collegiate career.

2- If you could give your 15-year-old self three pieces of advice, what would they be?
– Keep your head up and stay positive, because no matter how bad things look, there are always positives in every situation.
– Always be working your hardest because you never know who is watching
– Never back down from from anyone no matter how good or big they are.

3- What was the most important thing that you got out of Houston Dutch Lions FC that helped you move on to the next level?
The most important thing that I got out of playing with the Houston Dutch Lions FC was the experience of playing against players who were already experienced at the college level.

Colin is now playing for American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts.