Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South, Conroe, Texas 77384

(Post updated on 5/26/2020) May 4th, 2020: Dear parents and players,

Last week the governor of Texas announced the reopening of businesses in Texas. We are following the governors suggestions and therefore we came up with adjusted practice sessions. We are happy to continue our Spring Season under the following circumstances:

1. Each participant is required to bring their own soccer ball.  If you arrive early, please wait in your car until your practice time slot starts.
2. Participants training at 5:00pm & 7:00pm will need to park on the North side (near dirt bike tracks). Participants training at 6:00pm & 8:00pm will need to park on the South side (near the woods & FM1488).
3. For the protection of the participants and coaches, parents and spectators are not allowed on the fields or in the fields area (and not allowed in the middle area between fields). They may stay in their cars or watch outside the field perimeter fence.
4. Each training area will have a picnic table with hand sanitizer to use before, during and after each session.
5. Coaches will direct players on when to use their own balls (individual exercises) and when to use club soccer balls (passing drills).
6. No one is to be in the clubhouse except for bathroom use. Concessions and the bar are closed.
7. After each session, coaches will spray frequently touched items such as; soccer balls, cones or other materials with disinfectant spray.
8. After each session we advise everyone to leave right away as next session will start with other participants 15 minutes later.
9. Players need to follow coach instructions. While this is going to be very strange for all of us, we need everyone to stay safe. Coaches have discretion to remove any participant from the fields should they not adhere to safety requirements.
General protocol COVID 19:
1. Social distancing (6 feet) from each other at the Soccer Facility is required.
2. Anyone with symptoms of COVID 19, or with a family member in your home with symptoms or that knows they have been exposed to the virus within the last 14 days is not allowed to participate.
3. Please remind your player that handshakes, high fives, hugs, etc. are to be avoided.
4. Players should avoid touching nose, mouth and eyes with their hands.
5. Players must not share water bottles, food or drinks.
While we will be taking actions to reduce the risk of coronavirus, playing soccer is not risk free. Your choice to participate in this program, mean that you accept all the risks, regardless of the source and release the club, it’s vendors and other participants from all liability.

For the next few weeks we will practice with 1 coach and 8 participant ratios (updated on 5/18/2020). If you choose to sign up your player for particular timeslots, please go to this link:
– Week 1, May 4-9: Not applicable anymore.
– Week 2, May 11-16: Not applicable anymore.
– Week 3, May 18-23: Not applicable anymore.
– Week 4, May 26-30: Not applicable anymore.
– Week 5, June 1st: Not applicable anymore.

Please make sure you sign up before 3:00pm of each training day. If you signed up after 3:00pm there will be no guarantee that you can participate. Each player can only reserve two spots per week (in your own age group) for the following two weeks, with the exceptions of U15/U16 and U17/U18/U19 (who will have three sessions per week).

As we respect the social distancing, we believe offering practices for the U4-U8 groups it is too soon and will be difficult to handle/explain the social distancing and therefore it is too risky for these age groups to start already. We are trying to find other solutions for these age groups, more information will be send out a later moment.

Please read carefully our protocol before entering the Soccer Facility.