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Set your goals for the 2019 Season.

The 2019 Season is just around the corner and we want you to succeed. For you to succeed, first you must identify what success means to you. In order to do that you need to set goals for yourself, think about what you want to get out of this season. What do you want to improve on, what kind of player, or person do you want to be during, and at the end of the season. Setting goals comes with a lot of benefits, it will make you commit you to the hard work, the dedication and all that comes with achieving success.

Here are a few benefits of setting goals:

* You will have a better direction and understanding of what you want out of Soccer Season

* You will be more motivated and excited about practices and games

* You will have more confidence by achieving them

Now moving on to setting your goals, make sure to set goals that you can track and control. These goals are what we call performance goals rather than outcome goals. For example, if you set a goal to score 5 goals with your weak foot, this type of outcome will depend on the situation. Your teammates play, the opponent’s quality, and the coach. Instead, you need to focus on improving your weak foot. During practice emphasize on using your weak foot, work on it at home and this will improve your chances of scoring those 5 goals. You also need to set practice goals as well as game goals. Don’t be afraid to adjust your goals as the season goes on. If goals are hard to achieve, set smaller goals. You may struggle to achieve some goals, so give yourself the chance of success by achieving smaller goals.

Write your goals down, go out and buy a notebook or journal specifically for this. Write down what you want to improve on, think back on past seasons and realize what are some of the things that you want to do better in. You need a plan, talk to your parents, coaches and/or friends about where you want to go with this. Outline a plan and align it with your goals, this will help you stay on track during your journey to become a better player.

Throughout the season, keep track of your performances in practices and games. After practice and games, ask yourself questions. What did you do that was good? What could you do better? How can you improve for the next practice or game? Talk to your parents or coaches about it, they will give you honest opinions and help you stay on track in your journey to success.

Now if you are a parent reading this, don’t think we forgot about you. Parents can be the most influential on their kids, even more so than the coach. We want to help you have the right influence on your kid. So here are a few tips for parents to help their kids with their goals:

* Ask your kid what he wants to improve daily

* Ask how practices went, example: “How was practice? What did you achieve today, how did you improve? What did you learn? Etc…

* If you attend games, take note on what your kid is doing good in and give him or her a praise. Then you can proceed to carefully elaborate on what he or she could work on to improve, then help come up with a plan and setting goals for next game and through the season.

* Help your kid go back and read through the goals, make sure you can keep them accountable and on track.

* Remember to be supportive, allow your kid to improve on the technical, mental and physical side of the game. However, leave the tactics to the coach.

Remember that the road to success is paved with failures. It’s okay to fail at times, what’s not okay is to kick yourself down and give up. You have teammates, coaches, family and other to lift you up. We are all in this for the same thing, we want to succeed.