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Spring 2021 registration now open – REFERRAL DISCOUNT AVAILABLE!
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As we approach a new soccer season, the Houston Dutch Lions FC is excited to offer our loyal parents a 10% referral discount (available for who brings in a new player, % amount is per player) for the Spring 2021 season.

Details regarding the referral discount are:
– Both players need to sign up in the month of December 2020.
– Referred player(s) cannot have played for us in Fall 2020.
– Max of 3 players can be referred to by a current member (30% discount max available per player).
– Both players need to be in good standing with HDL FC.
– Discount of 10% (per player) will be applied to final payment (or final 2 payments if multiple players are referred), both players will still need to be active at the club, and in good standing at that time.

Players in the Development group (U4 – U10) will play in the in-house league organized by the Houston Dutch Lions FC Coaching Staff. Teams will be formed in February after two weeks of friendly games have been played, after these games all teams play in a 8-game season (all at our Soccer Facility on Saturday morning) which is done May 8th, 2021. Certain U8/U9/U10 players can be asked to join the U10 Plus squad, which plays on Sunday’s (TYSA league played at Bear Branch in The Woodlands).

Players in the Select group (U11 – U19) will kick-off their game season in February, depending on what league (TYSA / STYSA) the team plays in. Some games for Select teams take place at the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility, more information on this will be announced by the leagues at a later moment.

UPDATE JANUARY 11TH, 2021: Games for in-house teams (U4-U10) as well as U11-U14 will kick off the weekend of February 6-7, 2021 (STYSA & TYSA).

Practice schedule for the Spring 2021 season is as follows:
U4/U5/U6 (players born in 2017/2016/2015): Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.
U7/U8 (players born in 2014/2013): Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.
U9/U10 (players born in 2012/2011): Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.
U11 Orange – Coach Dennis Kroeze (players born in 2010): Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:45pm – 8:00pm.
U12 Orange – Coach Michiel van de Heijning (players born in 2009): Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:45pm – 8:00pm.
U11/U12 Blue – Coach Mike Wilson (players born in 2010/2009): Monday & Wednesday from 6:45pm – 8:00pm.
U13/U14 Orange – Coach Marco Pruis (players born in 2008/2007): Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:45pm – 8:00pm.

Practices for the High School team start the week after Spring Break.

U15/U16 Orange (players born in 2006/2005): Monday from 8:15pm – 9:30pm, and Wednesday from 6:45pm – 8:00pm.
U17/U18/U19  (players born in 2004/2003/2002): Monday from 8:15pm – 9:30pm, and Wednesday from 6:45pm – 8:00pm.

Enroll for Spring 2021 season here

Regarding Select teams: Please note we have limited spots available per team: 12 players max for teams playing 9v9, 18 players max for teams playing 11v11. New players are recommended to sign up for the Blue squad, in first weeks of the season the Coaching Staff will determine exact rosters and changes can be made.

All practices will take place at the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility, located at 14562 Interstate 45 South, Conroe, Texas 77384. The Spring 2021 season runs from Monday, January 18th till Saturday, May 8th 2021.

A link to purchase the clothing package (cost is about $160 per player) will be send upon registration, clothing package is valid for soccer seasons 2020/2021 & 2021/2022.

Age Group / Team Number of weekly practices Spring 2021 season fee Term 1
(Upon registration)
Term 2
(February 1st)
Term 3
(March 1st)
Term 4
(April 1st)
Term 5
(May 1st)
U4/U5/U6 2x $485.00 $191.00 $98.00 $98.00 $98.00 $0
U7/U8 2x $485.00 $191.00 $98.00 $98.00 $98.00 $0
U9/U10 2x $485.00 $191.00 $98.00 $98.00 $98.00 $0
U11 Orange 3x $845.00 $299.00 $182.00 $182.00 $182.00 $0
U12 Orange 3x $895.00 $313.25 $268.50 $223.75 $89.50 $0
U11/U12 Blue 2x $642.50 $254.00 $129.50 $129.50 $129.50 $0
U13/U14 Orange 3x $845.00 $299.00 $182.00 $182.00 $182.00 $0
U13/U14 Blue 2x $642.50 $254.00 $129.50 $129.50 $129.50 $0
U15/U16 Orange 2x $557.00 $194.00 $121.00 $121.00 $121.00 $0
U17/U18/U19 Orange 2x $557.00 $194.00 $121.00 $121.00 $121.00 $0
  • All pricing is excluded tax.
  • No refunds after registration has been completed.
  • New players must purchase the mandatory clothing package within 14 days of registration.
  • Late registrations will have to pay the full Season Fee.
Enroll for Spring 2021 season here

Please direct any additional questions you might have about our program to Technical Director Marco Pruis at m.pruis@hdlfc.com.