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The CYSL / Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 Elite can look back at a very good performance during last weekend’s qualifier for the Dynamo/Dash Division 1 league. Out of 32 teams, the Lions ended 8th and will play Division 1 this upcoming season. A great accomplishment for the boys who wrote history for the club.

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In addition to the U11’s, the CYSL / Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Elite will also play Division 1 this upcoming season. Based on results from the 2016/2017 season, the club applied and was accepted to play Division 1. A huge step for the Development of players within the system of the CYSL & Houston Dutch Lions FC.

The CYSL / Houston Dutch Lions FC are still accepting registrations for the 2017/2018 season. To sign up, please call 936-271-0726 or visit the website of the CYSL: https://www.conroesoccer.org/hdlfc-registration.html


Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 – ID Dynamo CDP 07B 2-3
Player of the game: Efrain Solis
Scoring summary: 16’ 0-1, 18’ 1-1 Efrain Solis, 22’ 1-2, 28’ 1-3, 37’ 2-3 Efrain Solis
Line-up: José Paez (Alex Gonzalez ’21), Nathaniel Bod, Jasper Jacobs (Camilo Moravec ’21), Maxime Janssens, GC Onuoha (Joël Gonzalez ‘21), Ty Joyal (Hudson Brawner ’21), Aaron Garcia (Ty Joyal ’35), Aiden Ortiz, Efrain Solis

The very first game was a sloppy game of both sides, the Lions tried to connect with each other but the most threatening situations were created by long balls towards the strikers. At the end of the first half the defensive organization didn’t look good and by a long ball of the opponent finished very well: 0-1. Shortly after the first goal the Lions came back in the game with a similar goal: JP kicked the ball to Efrain who finished the job: 1-1.

In the second half the organization of the Lions was gone, the positions weren’t too clear to everybody and the result was quickly on the scoreboard. After the 1-2 also the 1-3 could be scored very easily. In the final minutes the Lions became better and it was Efrain who scored a beautiful free kick. Final score: 2-3. For the first time on this level this was a close game and we learned something about the importance of a good organization on the field today.

Rise SC 07B Select – Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 0-8
Player of the game: Aiden Ortiz
Scoring summary: 4’ 0-1 Aiden Ortiz, 7’ 0-2 Aiden Ortiz, 15’ 0-3 Efrain Solis, 18’ 0-4 Efrain Solis, 26’ 0-5 Aiden Ortiz, 33’ 0-6 Maxime Janssens, 34’ 0-7 Aiden Ortiz, 35’ 0-8 Hudson Brawner
Line-up: Alex Gonzalez (José Paez ’21), Joël Gonzalez (Aaron Garcia ’21), Camilo Moravec (Joël Gonzalez ’31), Hudson Brawner (Jasper Jacobs ’21), GC Onuoha (Nathaniel Bod ’21), Maxime Janssens, Aiden Ortiz, Ty Joyal (GC Onuoha ’31), Efrain Solis (Hudson Brawner ’31)

Prior to the second game we spoke about the defensive organization. During the game it was clear that we could learn more offensively than defensively. It took only 4 minutes to make the first goal: it was a great goal prepared by Ty and Maxime, finished by Aiden. The Lions pushed forward and with a Penalty kick from Aiden and two goals of Efrain it was 0-4 at half time.

In the second half the Lions continued attacking and scored another 4 goals, the goal of Aiden was due a great preparation of Efrain and in the final 7 minutes also Maxime and Hudson made their goal. A good victory for the U11’s.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 – Rise SC 07 B Pearland 4-0
Player of the game: Alex Gonzalez
Scoring summary: 33’ 1-0 Hudson Brawner, 35’ 2-0 Efrain Solis, 37’ 3-0 Aiden Ortiz, 39’ 4-0 Aiden Ortiz
Line-up: José Paez (Alex Gonzalez ’21), Nathaniel Bod (Jasper Jacobs ’21), Camilo Moravec, Hudson Brawner, GC Onuoha (Joël Gonzalez ‘21), Aaron Garcia (Maxime Janssens ’21), Aiden Ortiz, Ty Joyal, Efrain Solis

The first game of the second day was way better than the games we played on day 1. We played some good soccer against a strong opponent. In the first half our defense was more solid than a day before, but still we needed to hold the line even better. Offensive we had some good chances but we couldn’t manage to score. With a 0-0 score we went to half time.

The second half we continued improving our play and in the 33th minute we finally managed to score, it was center back Hudson who scored. One minute later Alex saved the team with a great reflex. The team continued attacking which resulted in a second goal only two minutes later, it was Ty who assisted Efrain: 2-0. In the final minutes things looked even better with two goals from Aiden: 4-0.

Maya Chivitas – Houston Dutch Lions FC FC U11 4-3
Player of the game: Maxime Janssens
Scoring summary: 5’ 1-0, 6’ 1-1 Own Goal, 7’ 2-1, 18’ 2-2 Aiden Ortiz, 19’ 2-3 Efrain Solis, 20’ 3-3, 35’ 3-4
Line-up: Alex Gonzalez (José Paez ’21), Nathaniel Bod (Camilo Moravec ’21), Jasper Jacobs, Joël Gonzalez, GC Onuoha (Hudson Brawner ’21), Maxime Janssens, Aiden Ortiz, Aaron Garcia (Ty Joyal ’21), Efrain Solis

The final game of the qualification tournament would decide on what spot we would finish. Maya Chivitas played very well, their shooting technique was impressive. Somehow the Lions managed to stay in the game. The pressure was on from the first minute and Maya Chivitas scored in the 5th minute, one minute later the Lions tied the score due to good pressure from Efrain but one minute later Maya Chivitas scored with a great shot! At the end of the first half Aiden and Efrain brought the Lions a lead in the game but it didn’t last long, in the final minute of the first half Maya Chivitas tied the score.

In the second half the Lions played better and the defensive organization is still improving, a few off-sides were victories for the defensive players who start to understand the importance of keeping their position. However it was Maya Chivitas who won the game by a goal in the 35th minute. The Lions played a good tournament, we saw improvement during the weekend and we have a lot of things we can work on the next couple of weeks!