Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South, Conroe, Texas 77384

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Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Purple – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Yellow 3-0 *
*game forfeit due to missing players (purple wins with 3-0)
Player of the game U8 Purple: Emile Eid
Player of the game U8 Yellow: Manuel Riestra-Mena
Goals U8 Yellow: Manuel Riestra-Mena (5x), Alexander Gao, William Quarles & Christian Sweet

FC Conroe U8 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Green 0-9
Player of the game: Nathaniel Harms
Goals: Logan Santini (3x), Nathaniel Harms (2x), Greyson Wozniak, Charlie Thomas, Luke Jackson & an own goal


Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Orange – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Blue 6-4
Player of the game U8 Orange: Landon Abercrombie
Player of the game U8 Blue: Jax Payne
Goals U8 Orange: Landon Abercrombie (5x) & Finn Mauchlen
Goals U8 Blue: Jax Payne (4x)

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Pink – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Red 14-1
Player of the game U8 Pink: Brody Enriquez
Player of the game U8 Red: Gracen Cram
Goals U8 Pink: Brody Enriquez (9x), Caden Enriquez (3x), Sophie Dolci Vincent & An own goal
Goals U8 Red: Gracen Cram

Houston Dutch lions FC U8 Pink – Montgomery U8 9-2
Player of the game: Caden Enriquez
Goals: Caden Enriquez (5x), Gracen Cram (3x) & Brody Enriquez

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Red – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Yellow 0-6
Player of the game U10 Red: Eli Bracken
Player of the game U10 Yellow: Nathan Cobb
Goals U10 Yellow: Nathan Cobb (5x) & Andrew Byrd

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Red – Montgomery U10 2-0
Player of the game: Eli Bracken
Goals: Victor Garcia & Weston Abbe

FC Conroe U10 Riverplate – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Green 2-4
Player of the game: Aiden Montgomery
Goals: Aiden Montgomery (3x) & William Barass

FC Conroe U10 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Blue 2-4
Player of the game: Alejandro Garcia
Goals: Alejandro Garcia (3x) Derek Escobedo


FC Conroe City U10 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Orange 3-3
Player of the game: Maxime Janssens
Goals: Aaron Garcia (2x) Maxime Janssens

The last few weeks the results weren’t that good for the guys, despite the field play being of a good level. But this week we had two really good practices, and you could see that the guys where confident to take on FC Conroe today.

Despite the fact that we were the better team, FC Conroe surprised our defense twice in a few minutes and we where in behind with 0-2. Because we showed a great mentality and fighting spirit, the boys fought themselves back in the game to 2-2.The team was playing better and better, but we couldn’t score the goal, unfortunatly FC Conroe did score their third goal making it 2-3.

Again our the team was pressuring FC Conroe, lucky for us they couldn’t stop us any longer and we got a deserved 3rd goal.The game ended in a tie, but the guys should be proud of the way they played today!

Klein SC KSS Orange 05 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Orange 0-4
Player of the game: Lane Key
Goals: Kevin Lopez (2x), Luis Morales & an Own Goal

U12 Orange is number 1 in the league, and played against Klein, the number 2 in the league. A very exciting game! The first half just started and the U12 Orange already scored. It was a goal by Luis out of a free kick. After the goal both teams got some big chances. But just before half time, the U12 scored the 2-0 out of again a free kick by again Luis. The goalie had a lot of difficulties with the ball and worked it in his own goal.

The second half there was only one team who was dominating the game and showed what they were capable of, and that was our U12 Orange team. They had all the control over the game. They didn’t gave anything away and created a lot of chances. Unfortunately a lot of chances were saved by the goalie, but luckily Kevin found the net twice in the second half. A very well deserved 4-0 win, way to go boys!

Klein SC 06 Boys 08 KHAN – Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 Blue 0-3
FORFEIT *Game is not played due to a no show from the opponent

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 Orange – Klein SC U11 Juniors 4-1
Player of the game: Efrain Solis
Goals: Kai Davis (2x), Jody Reyes, Efrain Solis
Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Blue – Klein SC Impact FC 2-3
Player of the game: Jacob Norris
Goals: Jacob Norris & Arjit Singh

Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14 Blue – CFYSC U14 Hawks 3-5
Player of the game: Toby van den Berg
Goals: Nico Sanmiguel, Juan Zuluaga & Riley Nappier

Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14 Orange – Klein SC Shockwave U14 1-1
Player of the game: Steven Sanchez
Goal: Christian Keller

Houston Dutch Lions FC U15/16 – FC Conroe Pythons U16 1-9
Player of the game: Matthew Werleman
Goal: Matthew Werleman

HVYSA Huntsville U18 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U17/U18 5-2
Player of the game: Alexander Keller
Goals: Alexander Keller & Tyler Hardsteen
Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA – Cypress United 3-1
Player of the game: Fernando Roldan
Goals: Fernando Roldan, Leroy Zuiddam, Adam Williams

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