Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South, Conroe, Texas 77384

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Orange vs FC Conroe U8 Blue
Player of the week: Derek Escobedo

This past weekend we had an exciting soccer game on the chilly and rainy Saturday morning between the Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Orange team and FC Conroe U8 Blue team. It was a very fun game for the players and the fans as well. The scoring started quickly with a nice individual play as it was the Conroe striker that put them up for an early lead over the Lions team. Angel wouldn’t let that be the fate of the game as he soon after would lead an incredible charge where he individually dribbled through the whole opponent’s team and scored a great tying goal into the bottom corner. Conroe would notch one more goal before the break to make the score 2-1 in favor of FC Conroe at halftime.

The second half would be where Derek Escobedo made his impressive mark on the game. Angel and Derek along with Will would start to play with more combination and interplay passing. They completely dominated the game for a period of time. Derek would go on to score 3 quick and impressive goals within just five minutes. FC Conroe had no answer for the young dribbler at first and couldn’t keep up with his quick feet. FC Conroe would finally get a break towards the last five minutes of play, scoring one unlucky goal on the Lions. Then Derek would put one more goal in the net, which would prove to be the game winner for the Lions. They were able to withstand the final two FC Conroe goals in the dying minutes of play to win the game 6-5 over FC Conroe! It was a great game to be a part of and well done to the U8 Orange team on the win!

FC Conroe U8 Red vs Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Blue
Player of the week: Wyatt Key

The HDL FC U8 Blue played a good game against FC Conroe U8 Red. It was a game with a lot of goals and the teams played a very competitive game between each other.

The game started well for the Lions, Wyatt Key scored his first goal in the 3rd minute after an amazing dribble and shot the ball hard in the net.  After that goal, the Lions had trouble with FC Conroe and they scored three goals in just three minutes.  After those goals, the Lions had a hard time getting the score even.  When the Lions came closer, FC Conroe scored yet another goal and because of that, the game was exciting to watch.  During this game we saw a lot of goals, beautiful dribbles, and a lot of goals from Wyatt Key and Jensen Fraley. Unfortunately it was not enough to win the game but the HDL FC U8 Blue will try it again next week!


Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Yellow vs Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Red
Player of the week HDL FC U8 Yellow: William Barrass
Player of the week HDL FC U8 Red: Jax Payne

The Lions played a game against each other and both team where exciting to play, the weather was perfect and the game had a lot of goals.

The HDL FC U8 red started amazing with the game; Rylee scored in the 3rd minute the first goal. After that goal the HDL FC U8 Yellow came with the answer and scored two goals in a row. The teams were in the first 15 minutes even to each other. After that, the HDL FC U8 Yellow scored more goals and won this game. Because of the amount of goals, the game was exciting and the players had great experiences.


Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Red vs Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Green
Player of the week: Omar Bolanos
Player of the week: Jax Payne

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Green played against their soccer friends from the Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Red. The Green team showed to be the better team throughout the game. They played with good team style of play and some great individual skills. The U8 Green Lions didn’t give the Red team much of a chance to come into the game and establish themselves on the game. The goals by the Green team where made by Omar (4x), Ernesto (4x), Ryne, Carter, and Fiona. The goals by the Red team were scored by Jax and by Rylee (2x). It was a well fought game for both sides; However the Red just couldn’t keep up with the Green on the day. The final score was 12-3 in favor of the U8 Green team.


Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Blue vs New Stars U10
Player of the week: Jackson Luneau

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Blue had a difficult game against New Stars U10. The New Stars have a great team this season and the Lions were aware of that from the start.  In the first half the Lions weren’t strong enough in their passing and physical battles on the field.  New Stars showed that they knew what to do with that and by half time the score was already 5-0 for the New Stars.  In the second half the Lions tried harder, but it unfortunately wasn’t enough and the Lions had to accept that they lost from a stronger opponent in the end.


Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Orange vs FC Conroe U10
Player of the week: Vaden Villatoro

The U10 Orange squad won last Saturday after playing a great game!

The U10 Orange players started the game perfectly! They were sharp from the first minute of the game, and that resulted in the first goal from Sophia Saludares.  The players were eager to win the game and pushed even further.  They won every duel on the field and the passing game was a lot better than before.  At half time the score was 2-2 but that wasn’t enough for the Lions just yet.

In the beginning of the second half The Lions put a lot of pressure onward towards the goal of FC Conroe.  Vaden Villatoro scored twice in 5 minutes and that was the end result.  All of the players were very happy with the win and they deserved it!

Well done guys!


Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Blue vs Klein SC U12
Player of the week: Devon Smith

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 prepared themselves for a rainy game last Saturday.  Due to a miscommunication the opponent didn’t have enough players, which resulted in a 3-0 win for the U12 Blue Squad. This is of course not the way we would like to win our games, but the three points stayed at the Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility nonetheless.

The squad played a scrimmage with 4 players of the opponent. Although the score didn’t matter, the guys played a fun game in the rain!

Good stuff guys and on to the next game!


Houston Dutch Lions FC U14 vs Huntsville SC U14
Player of the week: William Spellman

The U13/U14 squad showed us last Saturday that the steps made are now also showing in the ranking of their play. The team tied Huntsville SC U14 after an exciting game that went back and forth the entire time.

The first half started with a lot of pressure from the Lions, resulting in unfinished chances from Dayton Hyde and Mathew Werleman. Dayton saw his best shot end up striking on the crossbar after an excellent dribble had him going past 2 defenders. The Lions did go into the halftime break a bit disappointed; they played a good game but saw the visitors score after a breakthrough in the 12th minute. Just before half time they doubled their lead after an easy given penalty kick was awarded.

After half time, the Houston Dutch Lions FC team showed the determination they needed as the Lions got a present from the referee for another penalty kick given. Captain Christian Keller stepped up and put the Lions on the scoreboard 1-2.

What remained was a second half with a lot of ball possession, pressure, and chances for the home team.  The fans had to wait till the 68th minute to cheer again, after a great through ball, our offensive midfielder Dayton Hyde went 1v1 towards the goalkeeper and his shot ended up in the back of the net 2-2!

Great team work by the Lions in coming back from being 0-2 down and showing great character!