Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South Conroe, Texas 77384


Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Orange – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Green 2-1
Player of the game U8 Orange: William Osborne
Player of the game U8 Green: Rafa Gapalani
Goals U8 Orange: William Osborne (2x)
Goal U8 Green: Klym Anderson

FC Conroe U8 Barcelona – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Blue 7-2
Player of the game: Caleb Menebroker
Goals: Caleb Menebroker (2x)

FC Conroe U8 Real – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Pink 3-5
Player of the game: Maxime Adriaenssens
Goals: Ifeoluwa Olawale (2x), Matthew Fuentes, Sophie Docli Vincent & Bastiaan Vrolijk

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Yellow – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Red 0-3
*Forfeited by U8 Yellow
Goals in friendly game were scored by Titus Hirt (2x), Colton Miller (2x), Tucker Luneau (2x) Isaac Palacios & Breadon Burns.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Purple – Houston Dutch FC U8 Yellow 3-4
Player of the game U8 Purple: Trey DeWalt
Player of the game U8 Yellow: Vinan Gurung
Goals U8 Purple: Trey Dewalt (2x) & Luca
Goals U8 Yellow: Vinan Gurung (2x), Gunner Garza & Tatiana Amador

FC Conroe U10 America – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Orange 1-5
Player of the game: Emilio Balli
Goals: William Barrass, Wyatt Key, Omar Santana, Emilio Balli & Hendrix Tewold

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Blue – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Green 2-2
Player of the game U10 Blue: Weston Abbe
Player of the game U10 Green: Victor Campbell
Goals U10 Blue: Andrew Byrd & Weston Abbe (beautiful goal)
Goals U10 Green: Gabriel Minero & Greyson Wozniak

The big game of the day was the game between HDL FC U10 Blue and HDL FC U10 Green. It was an exciting game, William Osborne made his first appearance in the U10’s and did great. In the 17th minute Gabriel Minero was the first player to find the net and just before half time Andrew Byrd equalized. The second half was also close one, both teams worked very hard and created several chances. Greyson Wozniak was responsible for the second lead for the Green team this game on a moment that we didn’t knew that the highlight of the game was still to come. In the 39th minute it was Weston Abbe who scored the goal of the day by volleying a cross from Nathaniel Harms directly into the top of the goal: 2-2.

FC Conroe U10 Union – Houston Dutch Lions FC Yellow 5-2
Player of the game: Michael Yakovlev
Goals: Aaron Sauers (2x)

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Purple – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Red 0-6
Player of the game U10 Purple: JC Gabriela
Player of the game U10 Red: Blake Landry
Goals U10 Red: Gracen Cram (2x), Logan Parrott (2x) & Blake Landry

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 Orange – TFC U11 0-8
Player of the game: Joel Gonzalez

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 Blue – Klein SC U11 2-9
Player of the game: Connor Stephens
Goals: Connor Stephens (2x)

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Orange – Cavalry FC U12 2-4
Goals: Max Magsingit & Efrain Solis
Player of the Game: Roshan Mehta

Houston Dutch Lions FC U14 – Klein SC United Jr. 3-4
Player of the game: Roberto Krosnyak
Goals: Roberto Krosnyak (2x) & Omar Younes

Houston Dutch Lions FC U15/16 Orange – Klein Leones 5-0
Player of the game: Michael Ward
Goals: Matthew Werleman (4x) & Matias Mononen

Houston Dutch Lions FC U15/U16 Blue – CFYSC U17 Mosher 4-6
Player of the game: Roberto Sanchez
Goals: Roberto Sanchez (2x), Toni Paredes & Andrew Riley

Houston Dutch Lions FC U17/U18 – FC Conroe U18 1-1
Goal: Carlos Coello
Player of the Game: Daniel Ruiz

Houston Dutch Lions FC U18 played a very good and tight game in this weekend’s derby against FC Conroe. The Dutch Lions FC started this game as league leader and were facing a tough opponent with Conroe who are placed 3rd with 2 points less then Dutch Lions FC U18.


Conroe had difficulties during the whole game, HDL FC U18 played organized and did this very well, from out our organization we captured the ball back in midfield by Chris Sanchez who didn’t hesitated and leaped the ball over the defense of Conroe, striker Carlos Coello was there to pick the ball up and won his 1v1 with the goalkeeper, 1-0.

The 2nd half was the same gameplay, Conroe tried it with the long ball and Dutch Lions FC waited organized for the counter attack. Unfortunately Conroe came back in the game in the 75th minute, a long ball was defended but landed in the feet of the Conroe striker, who scored the 1-1. The last 15 minutes Dutch Lions FC struggled but fought themselves towards a well-deserved point.


A great game by Houston Dutch Lions FC U18, next week another big game against Klein SC Ginga U18.

Houston Dutch Lions HFA – Midtown FC 2-4
Player of the game: Santiago Vazquez
Goals: Yinka Lawal & Junior Morataya