Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South, Conroe, Texas 77384

Highlighted Picture of the Week: HDLFC U-11 Become Champions of the League with 9W-1L!!!  They’re now getting ready for the Regional Tournament on December 5th in Beaumont, TX!

Houston Dutch Lions FC RED U8 vs FC Conroe U8
Player of the week: Jared Clarke

A good performance was shown by the Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Red against FC Conroe U8.  From start to finish the Lions showed their good soccer skills on the field.  With nice dribbles and good passing, FC Conroe was forced to defend against the Lions for the majority of the game.  The goals scored by Jared, Jax, Andrew, and Rylee gave the Lions a huge win and it was more than deserved. Great team effort Lions!!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Blue vs Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Green
Player of the Week U8 Green: Ernesto Rodriguez
Player of the Week U8 Blue: Wyatt Key

This weekend we had a lot of goals in our U8 battle between the Blue and Green team. The game started very quickly as Omar from the HDLFC U8 Green team made a very nice individual dribble and tucked the ball into the back of the net. Then Ernesto would then find his shooting boots and put 3 goals into the back of the net before the first break in play, some of which came from incredible dribbles through multiple players before shooting into the goal! The Blue team would find one goal back from Wyatt on a breakaway before halftime, although the Green team would answer with one of their own goals from Abigail to make it 5-1 at halftime with the Green team in the lead.

The second half would see more of the same dominated play by the U8 Green squad over the Blue. Omar would soon score another from an individual dribble from one of the side lines weaving his way to the goal before eventually tucking it past the keeper and into the bottom corner of the goal. Jackson was in the right place at the right time when he had a Blue team player miss-kick the ball to his feet in front the goal. He calmly settled the ball and fired his shot back towards the goal and right past the goalkeeper! 7-1 for the Green Lions team with one more quarter of the game to play.

Wyatt would score once more in the final ten minutes of play for the Blue team with a wonderful scooped shot the would arc up off his feet over the defense and even the Green goalie! The Blue team were finally able to have a foothold into this game in the final minutes of play. They were getting more chances and shots at the Green team’s goal. Ernesto would score one more goal against the run of play for the Green squad however. The final score was 8-2 for the Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Green team. Both teams played quality soccer and it was a great exciting game to watch as the Lions from both colors showcased their skills!

Houston Dutch Lions U8 Orange vs Houston Dutch Lions U8 Yellow
Player of the Week: Derek Escobedo

The HDL U8 Orange started the game great.  From the start, Derek recovered the ball on the midfield and had a free run towards the goal.  He scored and made it look easy, getting a quick goal for his team. After the goal, U8 yellow striker Finn scored a goal after a mishap in defending from the Orange team. Just before the first quarter of the game was over, Angel rushed to the goal and launched a kick on goal. Fiona from the yellow team saved it but couldn’t hold onto the ball and Ryder was quick enough to finish the rebound 2-1.

For the second quarter, U8 Orange was the stronger team. Out of nowhere there was Derek who with great lobbed shot brought the score to 3-1.  After that great goal, is was Derek again who scored the 4-1 goal. The U8 Yellow started to play better and was playing a lot more on the U8 Orange half. This ball possession gave Landon the opportunity to bring his team back in the game.  However, in the last quarter of the game, U8 Orange started their offensive push and Derek, Milan, and Angel scored 3 more goals making the end score for this game 7-2.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Orange vs FC Conroe U10
Player of the Week: Lane Key

The U10 Orange team played against FC Conroe last weekend. The Lions kept a clean sheet until half way into the first half of the game. The organization from the team was good but we couldn’t create a lot of chances in order to put the ball into the net.

We had some problems in the second half with the build up and that caused us 2 goals to be conceded. Besides the goals against us we played well. The score should have been 0-0. The U10 squad put a lot of effort in the duels. Good job guys and keep it up for the last games of the season!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 vs New Stars U10
Player of the week: Jasper Jacobs

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 played against New Stars U10 and they knew they had to be ready for this strong opponent. The Lions started very well and in the first part of the game they gave New Stars a lot of trouble to create chances. By half time the score was 3-0 for New Stars however. The Lions showed a lot of improvement comparing to the first two games that they played against New Stars.

In the second half, the Lions tried to play more offensive and with a few chances they almost scored a goal.  In the end, New Stars finished the game with three more goals, but the Lions can look back to a good performance compared to the last two times they played each other.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 vs FC Conroe U11
Player of the week: Ty Carnes

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 played for the Championship of the league against FC Conroe U11. The Lions knew that this could be a beautiful achievement for their great season. The start of the game was a little bit slow, but after a while the Lions started to play in a higher pace and pressured FC Conroe further back.  After good pressure from Sebastian Rodriguez, Dustin Lindvall received the ball without hesitation and shot the ball into the goal. The celebration was big and the Lions wanted more where that came from. Before half time, the score was already 4-1 for the Lions. With good goals from Ty (2x) and Luis the Lions were that much closer to having a big party.

In the second half, the Lions didn’t slow down or let up. They created beautiful chances to score more goals. Luis and Diego brought the score up to 6-1 for the Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 and when everyone heard the final whistle happiness and celebration ensued. The team deserved it and with a beautiful Championship Cup and a great party inside the Clubhouse this was a day that the Lions won’t forget anytime soon.

Sunday game Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 vs CFYSC HOMBS
Player of the week: Evan Franks

On Sunday the Lions had to play CFYSC HOMBS U11.  After the Championship win the Lions had one more goal and that was to win the last game too so they had a 100% score in the League. Unfortunately, the Lions lost 1-0 in the last seconds of the game.  It was good to see the disappointment in the faces of the Lions for the first time this season. Even after nine wins this team doesn’t like to lose and that is a good mind set to have in order to keep the quality of play high in this team.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 will go to the Regional Tournament on December 5th, 2015 in Beaumont, TX where they will try everything to qualify for the State Championship.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Blue vs Klein SC U12
Player of the Week: RY Young

The U12 Blue Squad had a tough game last Saturday. We played against the number 3 of the standings for the league.  Unfortunately the Lions couldn’t win the game but we all did our very best and we never gave up.  We created some chances the first half and RY Young scored his first goal of the season!  Good job!

In the second half we had more chances but unfortunately we couldn’t score more goals. Next week we are having our last game of the season. The U12 Blue team played well so far and the team showed lots of improvement. Keep it up and give everything for the last game guys!


Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Orange vs Klein SC U12 Spring
Player of the Week: Leif van Boxtel

This weekend the HDL FC U12 Orange played two games, the Saturday game was against Klein SC Spring. Because the field was very small the Lions needed a new tactic to win this game, something they hadn’t played yet in a competitive game.

The first half was not a good result, the HDL FC U12 Orange were weak in the duels and the game was too easy to play for the opponent.

The second half was far better! They showed effort, teamwork, and the Lions played to win! Unfortunately, it was not enough to win the game.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Orange vs Klein SC U12 Eclipse
Player of the week: Steven Sanchez

The Sunday game was far better, with Joey Rudnicki as the starting goalkeeper and in the second half Brady Wood was the goalkeeper! The HDL FC U12 Orange played more organized and played this game to win. The opponent had no chance to win this game as the Lions dominated the game for the whole 60 minutes.

The HDL FC U12 Orange scored their goals in the second half.  After half time Steven Sanchez scored the goal and 10 minutes later is was 2-0 for the Lions. An amazing dribble from Julian Vega, who gave a cross to the back post and Joey Rudnicki put the ball in the back of the goal.  During this game there was one player who really divided the game.  He was always free in space and put a lot of effort into the game! That’s why Steven Sanchez is the player of the week. His development is amazing, and he’s getting better every week!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U14 vs Brazos Valley U14
Player of the Week: Christian Keller

In the final game of the fall 2014 season the Houston Dutch Lions FC U14 squad lost, but showed the great steps the individuals and team has made overall. The team consists of 11 players who are playing on the full sized field for the first time (officially U13’s).  The learning path of playing soccer on the full sized field is a tough one, but also one that should be interesting to watch during the upcoming spring season after the learning curve.

Throughout the season, the coaches saw many players make progress in the four team tasks, especially when the defending went much better as a team or unit. The players are aware of their tasks and also know much better how to defend the space around them.

A compliment must be given to the boys and girls for their work ethics; this shows that this group of kids is capable of much more!

Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA vs Cypress United

The squad of the Houston Dutch Lions FC lost the game against cypress united last Sunday. The Lions had problems with scoring goals. We were the better team and created many more chances, but that’s not all you need in soccer to win the game. If you don’t score, you don’t win; it’s very simple. The guys need to finish the chances they create for themselves as a team.  If we succeed in scoring goals, we make it a lot easier for ourselves in these games.

Keep it up guys! Next week we have a cup game. Show that we can score goals! GO LIONS!