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Houston Dutch Lions FC U5/U6 in house games
Player of the week: Jax Payne

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U5/U6 had their second weekend games of the season. They played 3 games of 12 minutes in order to score lots of goals. The players were eager to win the games and to touch the ball as much as they can.

After each game, the players deserved a water break. The players were rotated each game. Every game they had to play against different teams. At the end of the games the parents of the children arranged some cookies for all the players. It was a lot of fun to see those everyone playing. Next week we are having the games again with a 9.00am kickoff. The Houston Dutch FC Staff are looking forward to the next games of our youngest players.


Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Orange – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Blue
Player of the week: Thomas Puente Teixidor & Sophia Saludares

With the first league games starting this past weekend, both our U8 teams started off all ready to go. In a 5v5 game format both teams tried to make triangles. When the space was there we saw great individual moves from Sophia, Salim, Mathew and Thomas. New player Jack showed to be a great addition to the U8’s.
U8's in action

Both teams made it an exciting game. With a 5-5 score, with only 2 minutes to be played, the Orange squad scored the winning goal (6-5).

Good job from all players, good luck this upcoming season!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Orange – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Blue
Player of the week: Kendall Kimny & Cooper Payne

U10's with Coach Marco U10's with Coach Maarten

The first league games for our U10’s also started this past Saturday. Within 5 minutes both the Kimny sisters scored a great goal, first Kayle finished a nice attack and just minutes later Kendall found the back of the net.

Both teams saw new players come in during the winter break, standouts for the Blue teams were the twins Cooper and Reilly. The brothers knew how to protect the ball and helped their team out in dangerous situations.

With the Blue team winning this game, the first round is behind us. Next week both teams play another game, good luck Lions!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 – Kingwood Alliance U11 2-0
Player of the Match: Drake Talley

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 enjoyed a well-deserved 2-0 win against KW Alliance U11. The first half we saw goals from Julianne Vega and Joey Rudnicki  which were both the result of strong combination plays and individual technique. While the Lions dominated the first half, they were presented in the second half with the challenge of playing unfamiliar positions. With this dilemma the players still managed to express themselves as individuals and play as a team.  No goals were scored in the second half but many opportunities were created and Evan Franks on his debut managed to hit the crossbar. Drake Talley played the complete game and was able to showcase his abilities as both a goalkeeper and very strong field player. Andrew Daher and Marcos Sanchez showed great discipline as defenders but were not shy to be a part of the attack. All players should be proud not of the victory, but of the fearlessness to express their own soccer identities in this game which was captained by Nicholas Armstrong who has shown a great training ethic in preseason and it was demonstrated during the game.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 – Texans U12 2-1 (1-0)
Player of the week: Colton Collins and Mathew Silva

Finally the U12’s were back in business in the first league game of 2015. With Dayton and Colton joining the team, the boys and girl looked sharp to start this game against the Texans U12.

U12's win with 2-1!

Within the first 10 minutes, left forward Mathew Silva showed great persistence in pressuring the ball. He kept on going trying to get the ball back, when he was close to the goal he forced the opponent to make a mistake and Mathew scored the first goal, 1-0 for the Lions!

The Lions were stronger, had small chances but couldn’t promote any of these chances into a second goal. In the second half the Lions had to wake up quickly as the Texans scored the equalizer and became a bit stronger. With 15 minutes left in the game our central defender Christian Keller moved into the midfield. After a combination with Dayton he went one on one towards the goalkeeper and finished the ball very professional, 2-1 for the Lions.

And so the Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 wins the first game of the spring season, good job team!

Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14  – EDDOA Wolves 0-5
Player of the Week: Jon Franks

The Squad of the Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14 had their first home game of the season in the History of the Houston Dutch Lions FC.

U14's first home game

The Houston Dutch Lions FC U13/U14 had a tough game. The Lions wanted to play a good game against them with lots of effort. The First half wasn’t strong from our side. We had to step up in order to get grip on the game again. Even though the Wolves scored 2 goals in the first half, we created several chances to score a goal. Unfortunately we couldn’t finish the chances that were created.

The Lions agreed that they had to give more effort in the second half. Despite we couldn’t create serious chances, we were more aggressive and we stood up against our opponent. Overall the Squad deserved a goal, but unfortunately the chances couldn’t be converted into a goal. Next week we are having a home game again. The game starts at 3pm at our soccer facility at field 1.  The U13/U14 has to step up their game in order to get better results. Next week the Lions can try it again!


Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange – TFC United 0-1
Player of the week: Patrick Garland

Last Sunday, the Houston Dutch Lions FC Orange played against TFC. the Lions had to win this game if they wanted to have a chance to climb in the league table. In the first minutes of the game the Lions had some shots but couldn’t create really big chances. Later in the first half the game was changing when TFC United played more physical. The Lions played in a low pace, couldn’t win the battles on the field and also gave to much space to the opponent to pass the ball around.

HFA Orange squad

In the second the Lions made the same mistakes and this time TFC United used the space good and took the lead (1-0). The Lions tried to fight themselves back in the game but didn’t play with the confidence and energy that they had last two games. It was hard and sometimes frustrating for everyone because a lot of things went wrong. Only in the last 20 minutes of the game the Lions were close to a goal but were very unlucky finishing their chances.

Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA 1 – Fury Black 4-1
Player of the Week: Stephan Nicknish

The Squad of the Houston Dutch Lions FC wins an important game in order to become the league’s champions!

After a short warm up the players were ready to start the game and continue the good play of last weekend. The main goal was to win the game. The Lions had dominated possession most of the game but Fury only had a few counter attacks that resulted in 1 goal. The Lions were sharp and played with determination.

Overall, The squads of the Dutch Lions FC were in better shape, had more quality and played with determination. We wanted to score by creating chances throughout the side with a lot of movement from our midfielders. The first goal made by Chance was a good ‘one touch’ of Edwin. Chance was faster and finished the rebound after his first shot. The Lions weren’t able to expend the score in the first half. They needed to be smarter in the battles, and they need to show the willingness to win!

The defense of Fury wasn’t able to defend our offensively attacks anymore. After the second goal of the game, Fury wasn’t able to get the grip of the game. The Lions played on their half for the last 35 minutes of the game.   We created several chances, but scored only two goals more. Chance and JP took care of the goals.

After the end signal all the players including staff knew that they had a great result! We are having 4 games left to make sure we become the best team in division 1B. Congratulations with the victory and the first spot in the standings! Well done! See you guys at practice Tuesday. Next week we are playing at 1pm against Barnstoneworth United FC at field number #25. GO LIONS!