Soccer Facility 14562 I-45 South Conroe, Texas 77384

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Orange – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Blue 4-3
Player of the game U8 Orange: Jax Payne, Finn Mauchlen & Alex Salinas
Player of the game U8 Blue: Tyler Bitar (2x), Jacob Hayes & Andrew Park
Goals U8 Orange: Alexander Gao
Goals U8 Blue: Will Holiday

U8 Blue wins from the number 1 of the league! This past Saturday the U8 Blue team has finally secured their first win against the undefeated U8 Orange. The game was filled with excitement, amazing defending and attacking displayed by both teams. The first Goal came from U8 Orange but soon after the U8 Blue struck back and tied the game 1-1. Before the halftime whistle U8 Orange made it 3-1 but in the second half the U8 Blue had two quick strikes that saw them tie at 3-3. With ten minutes to go in the second half U8 Blue was pinned back in the defensive half but a through ball from Griffin Thurston put put Andrew in a foot race with the last man and he finished it beautifully in the bottom corner. Andrew’s goal helped the U8 Blue win 4-3 leaving U8 orange no longer undefeated.

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Green – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Red 8-2
Player of the game U8 Green: Greyzon Wozniak
Player of the game U8 Red: Emilio Balli
Goals U8 Green: Greyson Wozniak (4x), Logan Santini (2x), Klym Anderson & Gabriel Minero
Goals U8 Red: Emilio Balli (2x)

Houston Dutch lions FC U8 Purple – Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Yellow 3-1
Player of the game U8 Purple: Ramon Rivera
Player of the game U8 Yellow: Savannah Lamoreaux
Goals U8 Purple: Ramon Rivera (2x) & Christian Sweet
Goal U8 Yellow: Mattia Hoffman

Houston Dutch Lions FC U8 Pink – FC Conroe U8 2-0
Player of the game: Julius Zuidendorp
Goals: Sophie Dolci Vincent (2x)

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Orange – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Blue 3-1
Player of the game U10 Orange: Ernesto Rodriguez
Player of the game U10 Blue: Alex Gonzalez
Goals U10 Orange: Aaron Garcia, Eugene Yakovlev & Bernardo Lerch
Goal U10 Blue: Aiden Montgomery

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Green – FC Conroe U10 1-4
Player of the game: Emilio Balli
Goal: Logan Santini

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Purple – FC Conroe U10 0-6
Player of the Game: Dane Terrel

Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Red – Houston Dutch Lions FC U10 Yellow 2-2
Player of the game U10 Red: Stiles Abbe
Player of the game U10 Yellow: Aaron Sauers
Goals U10 Red: Martin Buberl & Andrew Byrd
Goals U10 Yellow: Miguel Rodriguez & Nathan Cobb

Houston Dutch Lions FC U11 Blue – Klein SC U11 2-6
Player of the game: Alejandro Huicochea
Goals: Alejandro Huicochea & Samuel Tayar

Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Blue – Klein SC U12 3-2
Player of the game: Carlos Gonzalez & Nelson Minero
Goals: Carlos Gonzalez (2x)


Houston Dutch Lions FC U12 Blue wins after amazing team performance! Last Saturday, the U12 Blue played a match against Klein SC U12 at their own Houston Dutch Lions FC Soccer Facility. Because of the fact that Alberto couldn’t be there, the U12 Blue had to be play with only eight players against nine players of the away team.

From the beginning, the home team was better and created a few good chances. Unfortunately, they didn’t score a goal. Halfway the first half, the U12 Blue got a corner kick and Nelson scored with a powerful shot the deserved 1-0 for the Lions. The visiting team also scored from a corner kick just before half time so halfway the game, the score was 1-1.

After a few minutes in the second half, the Lions got a penalty kick and Carlos scored his first goal in his first match (2-1). The away team started to play better again and ten minutes before the end, they scored the equalizer (2-2). Both teams could win the game, created some good chances and just before the final whistle, Carlos scored his second goal on his debut (3-2). After the final whistle, the players couldn’t believe that they had won (even with one player less). They were extremely happy with their win and they can’t wait to play their next match!

Klein SC U14 – Houston Dutch Lions FC U14 Blue 1-2
Player of the game:  Michelle Campbell
Goal: Alan Herrera (2x)

Houston Dutch Lions FC U17/U18 – Klein SC U18 Juventus 10-0
Player of the game: Luis Machado
Goals: Oscar Deres (3x), Luis Machado (2x), Erick Gonzalez (2x), Alex Keller, Daniel Ruiz & An own goal

Houston Dutch Lions FC HFA – Real MC United 0-7
Player of the game: Jose Hernandez